Saturday, August 09, 2014

Walking-Day 1-Jiyugaoka(7.9km)

Walking-Day 1-Jiyugaoka(7.9km)
Day 1 Jiyugaoka 15:32-17:51
Distance today 7.9km, climb 67m, duration 1:18, avg speed 6.0km/h, burned 421kcal
Today's route

A typhoon is approaching to Tokyo.
Today I wanted to ride on a bike but the forecast was not clear and the rain was expected somehow.
I was finishing some stuff in the morning but it did not rain.
I should go riding if it would not rain then.

For an exercise today I walked eventually.

This is the first time for walking as an activity.

Started at 15:30.

Today I walked to Jiyugaoka for shopping.

Reached to Kan-Nana street in 10 minutes.

I usually walk fast.
Now I keep the usual pace.
I did not know how fast I was, and realized it is 7km/h with my application.

I got the wrong way.

For walking this sign does not mean anything.
And I can even drink!

Arrived at Jiyugaoka in 30 minutes.

After shopping, returning home at 17:19.

It started raining.

Ascending on the slope on the way home.

This slope is steep for a bicycle but it was nothing for walking.

Arrived home in 30 minutes.
1 hour round trip was not an activity enough.

The shoes I bought today.


This is for walking and treadmill on my business trip but it looks good for running as well.
I hate running, though.


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