Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cycling-Day 9-Kurobishi(22.9km)

Refreshing blue sky in Summer.

Day 9, 144days for cycling, total distance 10,659.0km, total climb 149,742m
Kurobishi 11:38-13:24
Distance today 22.9km, climb 1,129m, duration 1:40, avg speed 13.6km/h, burned 646kcal
Today's route

It was raining in the morning but the sun comes and the roads are dried up.
I go riding to Kurobishi, the lift station for trekking yesterday.
Starting at 11:38.

Reached at the Kurobishi #2 pair lift station at 12:28 in a good pace.

Then arrived at Kurobishi at 12:56.

in 1 hour 8 minutes so far, the same duration as the last time.

Nice summer sky.

But it was cool enough and I feel colder when I descend.

On the way back I stopped by a new spa "Kitaone-no-yu".

This used to be a lift building.

After finishing the ride we went to Miasa Coffee.


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