Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cycling-Day 12-Arakawa(78.3km)

Day 12, 147days for cycling, total distance 10,884.7km, total climb 151,603m
Arakawa 6:19-10:43
Distance today 78.3km, climb 895m, duration 3:32, avg speed 22.1km/h, burned 1,722kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

Quick ride before some errands in the afternoon.

Starting at 6:19. Good to see the blue sky.

Hibiya. 40 minutes so far, longer than usual due to some red signals.
The duration so far really depends on the traffic lights.

After that the pace was good and I crossed Arakawa river.

Outbound on Arakawa cycling road.

I reached to Iwabuchi gate without stopping after switching to the right bank.
I was exhausted with the against winds.

Leaving the road at Todabashi bridge,

and went to a brasserie at Nerima.

Running on Kan-Nana street.

And back to the start point at 10:43.

It was a short ride but good riding enough.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cycling-Day 11-Enoshima(106.2km)

100km ride after the rain at last.

Day 11, 146days for cycling, total distance 10,806.5km, total climb 150,708m
Enoshima 11:06-17:29
Distance today 106.2km, climb 483m, duration 4:57, avg speed 21.4km/h, burned 2,300kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

It's not the perfect sunny day, the rain stopped.

For a middle range ride.
I had to start late, at 11:06,  due to the rain.
The skeleton in the picture is for a season festival.

Marukobashi, the gate for the West.

Keep riding to the West.

Shimokawai IC of Hodogaya bypass. 1 hour 20 minutes so far. Good pace.

Reached to the beach in 2 hours 40 minutes.

I would be beyond Sagami river, but I got a wrong way.

Beach riding and reached to Enoshima.

In the island.

It was crowded due to the summer holidays.

I attempted to go to this restaurant for lunch, but

there was a long long cue.
Then I had to go back home without lunch.
Enoshima should be the place to go in early morning.

Picking some snack at the convenience stores on the way back.

Good blue sky.

Crossing Tama river.

I left spare tube tire today and I was nervous not to get tires flat.

Back home at 5:37 pm.

Good to ride over 100km. I was refreshed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cycling-Day 10-Central Tokyo(41.3km)

I could take a day off, but it was raining almost all the day.

Day 10, 145days for cycling, total distance 10,700.3km, total climb 150,225m
Central Tokyo 14:15-17:08
Distance today 41.3km, climb 483m, duration 2:4, avg speed 19.9km/h, burned 916kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

At last it stopped raining. I got a short ride.
Kan-Nana street.
I could not go far for avoiding the rain.

Turned to Route 15 for the central Tokyo.
Tamachi station.

This is the highest place in Japan (of the land price).

Zero millage stone in Nihonbashi.
This is the start point for major national roads.

The place I spend my younger days.

Riding on Yasukuni street to the West.
The sky in the West was getting darker.

Finished in almost 2 hours running.
I got a drizzle.
Annoying weather for outdoor activities in these days.

帰りはとうとう、小雨に降られてしまいました。 雨が多くて本当に困ります。

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cycling-Day 9-Kurobishi(22.9km)

Refreshing blue sky in Summer.

Day 9, 144days for cycling, total distance 10,659.0km, total climb 149,742m
Kurobishi 11:38-13:24
Distance today 22.9km, climb 1,129m, duration 1:40, avg speed 13.6km/h, burned 646kcal
Today's route

It was raining in the morning but the sun comes and the roads are dried up.
I go riding to Kurobishi, the lift station for trekking yesterday.
Starting at 11:38.

Reached at the Kurobishi #2 pair lift station at 12:28 in a good pace.

Then arrived at Kurobishi at 12:56.

in 1 hour 8 minutes so far, the same duration as the last time.

Nice summer sky.

But it was cool enough and I feel colder when I descend.

On the way back I stopped by a new spa "Kitaone-no-yu".

This used to be a lift building.

After finishing the ride we went to Miasa Coffee.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Trekking-Day 4-Mt. Karamatsu(8.5km)

My home ground, Mt. Karamatsu.

Day 4 Mt. Karamatsu 7:51-11:37
Distance today 8.5km, climb 575m, duration 3:30, avg speed 2.4km/h, burned 823kcal
Today's route

CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

I had a business trip in China since last Monday. Went back to Japan on Sunday and worked in Japan on Monday, but went to China on Tuesday. Went home Thursday night and straight to Hakuba.

In the morning. The view of the three summits after a few weeks. The three summits had the blue sky, but

Mt. Karamatsu is covered with clouds.

I rode on the chair lift just after the open time.

Started from Happo-ike hut at 7:51.

Arrived in Happo-ike lake at 8:16. It took 25 minutes so far. It takes longer than usual, as my body is rusty after the business trip.

I stopped by to take a picture of the reflection of the three summits.

Ougi-sekkei snow valley at 8:56.

1 hour so far. Very slower than usual.

I passed with a large party each other before the Maruyama ridge.

The party had 80 junior high school students.

Mt. Karamatsu hut at 9:35.

It took 1 hour 45 minutes so far. Net duration should be 1 hour and half excluding the time of passing each, and stopping by Happo-ike.

Mt. Karamatsu peak at 9:40.

It took almost 2 hours, which is very disappointing to me.
Very nice view with Mt. Tsurugi far, and Tateyama summits.

And Mt. Fuji.

This is the first time to see Mt. Fuji from here.
The wind was very cold and I wore the wind breaker.

Short break at Maruyama ridge.

I brought role bread with ham defrosted from the frozen ones that I left and froze a few weeks ago at the last trekking.

The bread lost moisture and became very hard. The ham inside was almost like jerky.
The role bread with ham should not be frozen.

The trail is very organized.

I don't like this step but this is for the protection of the sediment discharge.

Returned to Happo-ike hut at 11:37.

Good activity before lunch.

Lunch at Sounds Like Cafe.