Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cycling-Day 8-Enoshima(123.5km)

I washed cash at Zeniarai Benten Shrine and I was washed with the heavy rain.
Day 8, 143days for cycling, total distance 10,636.1km, total climb 148,613m
Enoshima 6:25-15:33
Distance today 123.5km, climb 1,299m, duration 6:4, avg speed 20.3km/h, burned 2,723kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

I wanted to go climbing in this weekend but I had an urgent business trip and came back on Saturday.
For Sunday activity I went to Enoshima, where I wanted to go.

Started at 6:32.

It is sunny, but the forecast calls a shower in the afternoon.
Going to Hakone is an idea, but a long ride should be discarded today.

Maruko-bashi bridge for my gateway to the West at 6:51.

Keep going through Nakahara street.

Youda at 8:46. This is the junction to the road to Yabitsu pass.
Going to Yabitsu was an idea as well but I chose the coast line.

At Samukawa at 9:00. There is a famous shrine Samukawa Shrine around here.
I found it is not far from here.

I turned to visit there.

Samukawa shrine.

Then I go donw to the South,

And crossing Banyu River at 10:12

Then I went to the beach.

It is the summer season indeed.

This year waiting line for the parking lot is not allowed along the road.

There used be a long cue of cars which made heavy traffic, and this policy is right.
But I miss the cue, as I felt some advantage running through the traffic by bicycle.

Arriving at Enoshima at 10:45.

Shirasu-don, or a rice bowl with fresh young sardine.
I was lucky there was a catch today.

Leaving Enoshima and running to Yuigahama.

Nice to ride along the beach.

Then I went to Zeniarai Benten Shrine. There is a legend that you make money multiply when you wash cash here.

I found a tax office just before the shrine. What a black joke this is!

The slope to the shrine was very hard.

The Shrine.

I don't carry cash much, then

I washed my credit cards.

Leaving at 12:40, and go back home on the usual route.

Totsuka at 13:39.

A new bridge across the rail track. Before it the crossing point was not opened.

Yokohama station at 14:28.

The rader expects the cumulonimbus clouds will be growing after 3pm.
Tried running fast for coming home before the rain.

The black clouds are growing ahead.

I went through a cloud ensemble, but

The other one was growing beyond Tama River.
The time was already 15:10.

At last I got the rain at 15:30, when I entered into Kan-Nana street.

It was really heavy rain.

Came back to the start point at 15:41.

The rain already stopped but I totally got wet.

If I would not stop by Zeniarai Benten Shrine, I probably would not get wet.
I was washed just like I washed cash.
I should be very rich as I was washed so much.


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