Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ski day 63 at Tateyama

Skiing again.

63rd day for this ski season, 23 days for powder, 20 days for backcountry, telemark for 13 days
Tateyama 10:00-16:45

Skiing in Tateyama last week was good, then we decided to come back to Tateyama again.

Morning in Hakuba.

Looks like the skiing season over.

At Ogisawa station I was not feeling good in my stomach, and I went to the washroom just before boarding.

And I missed the one. They closed the gate one minutes before the departure merciless.
It does not have to be so punctual like Yamanote line.

I arrived 30 minutes late in Murodo.

The snow became fewer than the last week.

We dropped our stuff and went skiing.

Just like last week we headed to Tsurugi-Gozen.
An hour hiking to the ridge.

The snow on the ridge has gone since last week.

Heading to the peak of Tsurugi-Gozen.

And ski down on the terrain as usual.

The condition was good, but

Sooner we ski down the avalanche came after.
It destroyed the slope and we could not ski on the same slope.

Climbing on the Tsrugi-sawa.

And skied down another slope.

And climbed back and skied down on the other slope.

We did three times.

A break looking at Mt. Tsurugi.

Bessan ridge did not have snow, and we decided to go back.

Ridge line without snow to Raicho-zawa.

Skiing on Raicho-zawa was like a throwaway match.

And really annoying walk to Murodo-sanso hut.

The complement of the day.

The sunset in Tateyama.

We fell asleep and missed Abendrot.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ski day 62 at Tateyama

Another dynamic run.

62nd day for this ski season, 23 days for powder, 19 days for backcountry, telemark for 13 days
Tateyama 8:40-11:40
Continued from Ski day 61 at Tateyama

We woke up and found the sun light was covered with clouds, which makes flat light.
Even yesterday, a sunny day, it was a little flat light.

Then we went to the near area.
At 8:40 we left Murodo-sanso hut.

Climbing up to Ichinokoshi.

An hour climbing took us to a research center of Toyama University.

Tateyama calderaa.

Then we skied down on a big bowl.

To Oyamadani valley and climbed again.

Then we came back to the research center again.

Then we walked to Mt. Jodo.

An option was to ski down directly from the peak, but there are some cliffs.

It is more exciting to ski down on the valley.

The valley had some stop-snow, but it was good enough.

Traverse to Murodo-sanso hut.

Murodo station.

It was busy with many sightseeners.

We completely enjoyed two days for skiing.

I came back to Hakuba and saw cyclers for Azumino Century Ride competition.

The village has already been in the green season.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ski day 61 at Tateyama

My season still goes on.

61st day for this ski season, 23 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13 days
Tateyama 9:45-16:45

Nice sunny day in Hakuba.

Today I go to Tateyama.

A bicycle riding competition Azumino Century Ride will be held in Hakuba area on Sunday.

Ougizawa station was busy for a trolley bus.

A trolly at 7:30 takes me to Tateyama.

Kurobe Dam.

I walked fast to the next transportation, a cable car.
For smooth connection you have to walk fast.
I got the second position for the cable car, and the first position for the next transportation, a ropeway.

Then I arrived in Tateyama.

We dropped some stuff and go skiing.

Tateyama had pretty much snow this season. I cannot believe this is the last week in May.

Furthermore, it snowed two days ago and buried all gaps.
The fresh snow may bring phantoms, though.

We climbed up Raicho-zawa to Tsurugi-Gozen. The climb this time was within an hour.

magnificent view of Mt. Tsurugi.

Then we skied down on the wide slope.

Beautiful. It was not the powder snow, but the condition was good.

We climbed on Tsurugi-sawa,

And kept going to Mt. Bessan on our crampons from Tsurugisawa hut.

From Mt. Bessan to Masago-sawa valley.

It was also beautiful.

but the good one was the higher portion only, and the lower portion was not good, as the phantoms lived.
My friend told me that I was cruising nicely then suddenly slowed down.

We took a long break.

The terrain looks good, but no doubt there were many phantoms that grab your legs.

Climbing up.

Today climbing was very comfortable with nice breaths.

Walking to the saddle of Mt. Masago.

We go down on Obashiri.

with nice view of the whole Tateyama.

The last run was not too bad.

On the left there was an avalanche after the heavy wet snow.

We walked on the dozer trail.

It is a really annoying walk.

And the final fan after all.

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