Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ski day 44 at HappoOne

44th day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 6 days for backcountry, telemark for 10 days
HappoOne 12:20-13:30
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Completely different weather from yesterday.

I hesitated skiing in rainy days, but as a duty I go skiing at least for one run.


There were very few people

I did on Riesen.

Some part had very thin snow.

Naki course was closed.

Very few people were on the course.

Almost no lift passengers but one.

I tended to stop skiing for two runs, but I could not finish reading a newspaper in the gondola lift.
Then I had to do three runs.

The piste in front of the gondola station is getting thinner.
It is a shame to see the courses are being closed.

Lunch at  Coffee Senjyu.

Toast with Fuki-miso paste.

Fuki sprout is one of seasonal food in Japanese wild life.

It's good and bad to see the spring comes.


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