Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ski day 44 at HappoOne

44th day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 6 days for backcountry, telemark for 10 days
HappoOne 12:20-13:30
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Completely different weather from yesterday.

I hesitated skiing in rainy days, but as a duty I go skiing at least for one run.


There were very few people

I did on Riesen.

Some part had very thin snow.

Naki course was closed.

Very few people were on the course.

Almost no lift passengers but one.

I tended to stop skiing for two runs, but I could not finish reading a newspaper in the gondola lift.
Then I had to do three runs.

The piste in front of the gondola station is getting thinner.
It is a shame to see the courses are being closed.

Lunch at  Coffee Senjyu.

Toast with Fuki-miso paste.

Fuki sprout is one of seasonal food in Japanese wild life.

It's good and bad to see the spring comes.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ski day 43 at Funakoshi/Kanayamasawa

Nice granular snow run.

43rd day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 6 days for backcountry, telemark for 9 days
Funakoshi/Kanayamasawa 9:15-13:45

Nice blue sky in Hakuba.
The snow on the rice field is being melted.

Today we went to a back country skiing. It's been a little long time since the last time.
Pretty long cue for the ticket window at Tsugaike.

The rope way operation has started and everyone chose that way.
No one came to this entry point but us.


It was very hot today for ascending.

I brought Sakura-mochi, or rice cake covered with cherry leaves.
This is a seasonal food in Japan.

Arriving at Funakoshi peak around 12pm.

The last time I was here was for the trekking a year and half ago.

It took as long as the trekking.
Usually we cross Tsugaike Natural Park and climb straight up to Funakoshi peak, but today the terrain looked hard. Then we chose Mt. Hakuba-Norikura, where the terrain seemed softer.
We did not have any trouble for climbing, and we chose the right route.

Mt. Tsurugi is far in our sight.

A cap cloud is above the mountain.

We dropped off a little further from Funakoshi peak.
Looks good.

Here we go now.

The run was very good, but

the good condition ends here, before Kanayamasawa valley.

There was a big party.

Kanayamasawa valley had less debris than usual yet,
but the snow condition was awful. It was full of stopping snow.
The snow killed my legs.

We somehow managed skiing down to Sarukura.

Usually the mountain load is shoveled, and we have to walk all the way to the gate.

However this time the load was not shoveled yet, and we could ski down to the end.
Good for us to ski down here easily.
I carried my shoes just in case I would have to walk.

Late lunch at COCCOLA J.

We look up the mountains that we skied today.

The terrain looks good, but very short to run.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ski day 42 at HappoOne

42nd day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 5 days for backcountry, telemark for 9 days
HappoOne 8:50-12:00
Gear: HEAD i.Supershape Magnum

Skiing at HappoOne as usual.

We wanted to go down on the hard terrain in the morning, but the early morning operation ended yesterday.

A glossary at the gondola station.

Victoire Cheval Blanc Murao III, a mascot of Hakuba Village.
It is even a loose mascot and more than it, it is made of cardboard.

It was not crowded as a weekday.

Riesen for the beggining.

We tried Grat again.

and could see Hakuba three summits.

Then we tried bumps at Kurobishi and Usagi,

and nice cursing in Skyline.

Good resort skiing.

We felt the spring weather.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ski day 41 at HappoOne

41st day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 5 days for backcountry, telemark for 9 days
HappoOne 8:00-11:30
Gear: HEAD i.Supershape Magnum

Resort skiing in Happo.

Went up in early morning for enjoying the hard piste.

Riesen course for the beginning.

Nice cruising in fast speed.

Later the snow got slushy.

At Grat.

Hakuba three summits were behind the clouds.

Repeating in Skyline.

The condition was kept good in the north face.

Enjoyed pretty much.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ski day 40 at Hakuba Cortina

Probably last powder in Cortina.

40th day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 5 days for backcountry, telemark for 9 days
Cortina 8:30-12:00

Little snow fall in Hakuba.

I tried Cortina, where the non-piste area was closed yesterday.

Perfect blue sky in Hakuba.

Heading to Cortina.

I worried that the area would be closed today, but
Chairlift #4 was announced to be open.

Junkies were gathering.

I don't remember that I could ski in Cortina in late March.

Chairlift #4.

HAPPINESS is secured.

Many people were heading to Hieda #2 or #3, while I went straight to the lift line.


Probably this is the best one in this season.

And the cue is probably the longest in this season.

It took more than 15 minutes.

I see Mt. Amakazari and Mt. Hiuchi far in my sight.

The temperature was getting higher, the sun light came and the snow got worse and worse.

People were writhing in the sticky snow.

I tried my favorite area, but the snow became already bad.

Then I sought north faces.

Hieda #2.

All that remains, Of warriors' dreams - Basho Matsuo

Then I went to the back bowl.

I worried the snow condition in this side, not the north face, but it was good enough.

I looked back the dam again and again. I miss this view.

This is probably the last time to come to Cortina.

Lunch at Sounds Like Cafe.

Then visited some local spots like Shirasawa pass,

and Oide Suspension Bridge.

Coffee break at Senjyu.

Dinner at Hakuba Hanten.