Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ski day 24 at HappoOne

24th day for this ski season, 15 days for powder, 4 days for backcountry, telemark for 4 days
HappoOne 7:50-9:50
Official Snow fall 30cm, Sarukura 6H 11cm

I woke up and found it was raining. I expected already, and wondering how high the freezing level was.
Powder search called Sarukura, at 1250m above the sea, had snow fall.

My powder mate gave up already, but I decided to check it out.

It was really slushy at the parking lot.

But it was a little snowing, as a little piece of hope.
I parked my car at the all furthest at Kokusai, and walked down to the gondola station all the way.

A huge pool on the road.

Nice frost enough on the trees. Is it a good sign?

Got on the Alpen lift.

There were very few junkies in the very weather.

I went straightly to Tanuki, but I hit the bottom a lot.

Kurobishi and Skyline after it was good enough.

Skyline #2 was not operational yet and I got on the gondola again.

Then Skyline #2 got operational.

Main piste was almost finished.
Then I visited some places I know.

I did not expected much today, and it was much more than it.

Morning coffee at Coffee Senjyu.


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