Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ski day 14 at Happo-one

We have been discouraged for last few days, but finally we got it here in Hakuba!!

14th day for this ski season, 9 days for powder, 1 day for backcountry, telemark for 2 days Happo-one 7:30-10:20

Over 50cm snow fall on my car! The snow was wet and heavy. 
We got up at 5:30 for shoveling and left at 6:30. It was still dark.

The gondola lift already had a cue of junkies.

Fortunately all junkies before us went down from the gondola, and we got the first position at Alpen quad.

The operation started late at 8:10. I am really frustrated with the poor customer service in Happo-one. Cortina is very punctual and always starts the chair lift at 9am, and most of US ski resorts complete patrolling before the ski operation.

I looked back and found the long cue behind us.

We got the first track in Tanuki.

Usagi is getting finished.

The person in the middle is a snow navi staff.

Then we hopped from course to course strategically well, and finished at 10am without any useless run.

Good day.

Lunch at Wa-en ramen.

Then we went to Rapie.

I sold my boots GARMONT RADIUM, which I enjoyed for three years.
Please somebody buy it.


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