Sunday, November 03, 2013

Cycling-Day 19-Shirasawa Pass(17.8km)

A short ride in color leaves to Shirasawa pass.

Day 19, 135days for cycling, total distance 9,919.4km, total climb 138,223m
Shirasawa Pass 8:18-9:43
Distance today 17.8km, climb 592m, duration 1:4, avg speed 16.5km/h, burned 410kcal
Today's route

The leaves are colored in the village.

Hakuba summits are not in my sight.

I was running in a good pace.

There are many people were taking photos at the saddle with the sight of Hakuba Summits.

But summits were not in my sight.

Arriving at Shirasawa pass in 39 minutes.

I missed the best lap only one minute.
I thought I was doing better today.

I could not see the summits but the leaves were beautiful.

Descending with taking pictures of colored leaves.

Nice atmosphere.

Also nice view of Himekawa river.

It is good for a bicycle to stop to take pictures easily.

Hamburger for lunch at the village festival.


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