Saturday, October 05, 2013

Cycling-Day 14-Kurobishi(16.3km)

A bike ride to see colored leaves in Kurobishi.

Day 14, 130days for cycling, total distance 9,482.1km, total climb 129,643m
Kurobishi 11:42-13:54
Distance today 16.3km, climb 73m, duration 1:49, avg speed 8.9km/h, burned 628kcal
Today's route

Today the forecast said it was rainy and I stayed at home, but it did not seem rainy.
I tend to go for a short ride to Kurobishi before it rains.

Started at 11:42. Kurobishi is covered with clouds.

A large resort hotel is under construction in Wadano.

Looks like for foreigners. Preparing to the season.

Ski resort had weeding.

In 41 minutes I arrived at the Skyline #2 chairlift.

Today I attempted to go slowly, but the pace seems better due to the cool weather.
It might be a chance to make the best record, and I kept the pace.

At KitaOne rest house there was a horse riding.

I have never seen it here before.

In the later stage I became confident that I could make the best record and I kept the pace.

I arrived in 1 hour 9 minutes, as the best record.

My heart was banging.

Kurobishi has colored leaves.

I got descending before I get cold.

It started drizzling.

The leaves colored in the middle.

To Sarukura.

A big dam is under construction.

I saw dumps and shovels at Sarukura parking lot. Now I realized they were for this dam.

I stopped by the horse riding on the way.

A horse is biting grass.

This route is closed next week.

Then the winter season comes!!!

I got chilled for descending and had hot drink at the cafe, Coffee Senjyu.

In Hakuba village a Patagonia store will open soon.

It is too expensive for me.

It was a good ride before it rains.


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