Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trekking-Day 9-Mt. Ooyama(4.4km)

Finally I accomplished trekking to Mt. Ooyama, after two times failure due to the rain.

Day 9 Mt. Ooyama 10:33-16:32
Distance today 4.4km, climb 492m, duration 1:31, avg speed 2.9km/h, burned 433kcal
Today's route

Continued from Cycling-Day 18-Yabitsu Pass/Mt.Ooyama(136.6km).
CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

I have challenged twice for trekking to Mt. Ooyama after hill climbing to Yabitsu pass but failed twice due to the rain.
Today it should be successful in such a sunny day.

I parked my bike and started trekking at 10:37.

The trail was nicely organized to climb.

I was climbing smoothly but my leg cramped. It seemed hard for me to trek after hill climbing to Yabitsu pass.

Mt. Fuji was hidden behind clouds.

After the trail merged from the cable car station, the trail had heavy traffic.

I had to climb slowly.

Then I reached to the peak at 11:27.

Climbed in 50 minutes. I could be in 40 minutes if there would not be traffic or my cramp.

I remember I came here with my father in my childhood, and it was raining on the day.
It is good not to rain.

I look down the Sagami plains. I came by bicycle beyond the horizon all the way.

Then I descended.

I took some snacks and the cramp got better.

Coming back to the start point at 12:22. Descending in 38 minutes.
It was good to accomplish trekking to Mt. Ooyama after challenging twice, otherwise I had to come back here again.

Cycling-Day 18-Yabitsu Pass/Mt.Ooyama(136.6km)

The third trial for hill climbing to Yabitsu pass and trekking to Mt. Ooyama.

Day 18, 134days for cycling, total distance 9,901.6km, total climb 137,631m
Yabitsu Pass/Mt.Ooyama 6:16-16:32
Distance today 136.6km, climb 2,656m, duration 7:34, avg speed 18.0km/h, burned 3,092kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

After the typhoon, we got a beautiful sunny Sunday. My cycling season is almost ending, and I was wondering where to today.
Then I chose Yabitsu pass, where I have tried several times for trekking to Mt. Ooyama on top of Yabitsu pass. Rainy days prevented me for trekking but today it should not rain at all.

Starting at 6:16.

Marukobashi bridge.

Then I ran along Nakahara street all the way.

Mt. Fuji and Tanzawa mountains (Mt. Ooyama is one of them) are clearly in my sight.

I am very confident the success of trekking today.

Naganuki cross point, as a start point of hill climbing to Yabitsu pass. Arriving in 3 hours.

Starting at 9:24 for Yabitsu pass.

The trails I am going to climb is just in my sight clearly.

The white line in the middle of the mountain is the final approach to Yabitsu pass, and Yabitsu pass is on the saddle of the mountain. Mt. Oyama is even higher on the right.
The good news is that I can see the goal clearly, and the bad news is that I realize how far and high the goal is.

The trail is very refreshing in the sun light through the trees.

Now it is the season to climb in the cool weather.

Arriving at Yabitsu pass in 1 hour and 3 minutes.

3 minutes earlier than the last time. I could run faster, but I saved my power for trekking.

I parked my bike and started trekking.

Continue to Trekking-Day 9-Mt. Ooyama(4.4km).

After the trekking of my long time wish, I just descended on the same trail.

An observatory, Nanohana-dai.

I could see Enoshima island far. I wanted to go to Enoshima on the way back, but it takes other 2 hours to Enoshima. I have already spent 2 hours for trekking and going to Enoshima will be late.
Now I just go back on the same way.

Nakahara street had traffic jams at several points.

It is no fun to go back on the same way.

Crossing Marukobashi bridge at 16:12.

Arriving home at 16:32.

The round trip was just an approach, but it was good to complete hill climbing to Yabitsu pass and trekking to Mt. Ooyama, that I have wished.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cycling-Day 17-Yu-toge pass/Amakazari Spa(66.2km)

Visiting Kamaike pound.

Day 17, 133days for cycling, total distance 9,765.0km, total climb 134,975m
Yu-toge pass/Amakazari Spa 9:34-15:30
Distance today 66.2km, climb 2,431m, duration 3:24, avg speed 19.4km/h, burned 1,519kcal
Today's route

Today I wanted to climb on Mt. Amakazari, but the weather seemed not good up there. Then we chose riding on bike. Still we attempt to go for Mt. Amakazari.
There is a pound called Kamaike, as a sightseeing spot of color leaves.

Started at 9:34

Arriving at Hotaru, a soba noodle restaurant in 1hour or less.

Keep going for now. The restaurant is not ready at this time any way.

Ascending on the slope to Otari-Onsen spa at 11am.

Then we arrived at Kamaike at 11:30.

Nice view.

We walked around.

Such nice contrast with clouds and the mountain.

Color leaves were not beautiful due to the cloudy weather.
It was difficult for us to walk on SPD shoes.

After walking we started riding again.

We got too cool and the ascending was good for us.

Arriving at Yu-toge pass.

This is the goal today. It is cold.


It was cold even though I wore a wind breaker.

Then we got outside spa on the way back.

The spa was comfortable to warm us after cold descending.

Lunch at Hotaru, a soba restaurant.

We could see the mountain covered with snow.

We look forward to the season coming.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cycling-Day 16-Misaki port/Kamakura(143.3km)

A beautiful ride along the sea.

Day 16, 132days for cycling, total distance 9,698.8km, total climb 132,544m
Misaki port/Kamakura 6:58-17:46
Distance today 143.3km, climb 1,803m, duration 8:27, avg speed 16.9km/h, burned 3,498kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

On a sunny day I want to see the sea. I chose a route to Misaki port and run around Miura peninsular. This route is one of my favorite routes, that I want to run at least once in a year.

Started at 7am.

This should be the right time to start, as the restaurants at Misaki port is not ready if I start earlier.

7:26 Crossing Tama river.

Beautiful blue sky. Tanzawa mountains and even Mt. Fuji.

At 8:15 at Yokohama Minato-Mirai and Kannai.

Today there is a competition of Sumo wrestling in Yokohama.

I don't understand why it is in Yokohama. Yokohama is very close to Tokyo and the Sumo wrestling is regularly held in Tokyo.

I was running very smoothly and arriving at 10:13 at Miura beach.

This shot is one of my favorites.

Today the sea looks much more beautiful to me.

I look forward to running on the west beach of Miura peninsular.

I suddenly fell over. My tire was caught with the gap of the road.

If the road gap is vertical like this I cannot control my bike when the tire is caught.
It happened a year ago, at Chichibu.
I know I have to be careful more, but it is also the road authority's fault.
If I would be hit by a car, nobody should know the real cause was the road gap.

Now keep going to Misaki port.

Wide view over the vegetable field of Miura. I like this view.

I arrived at Misaki port at a few minutes to 11am.

68km and the actual duration was 3 hours 20 minutes so far. The pace was fast enough.

I wanted to visit the best tuna restaurant here,

but the long cue list was made already.

I tried another one, that I have been before.

Tuna pickled into soy sauce on rice bowl (left) and Albacore tuna on rice bowl (right).

I enjoyed tuna. After the meal I looked around Misaki port.

Then I ran along the west beach of Miura peninsular.

Tateishi beach.

The sea today looks really beautiful.

MARLOWE, a famous pudding shop.

The store was full and I could not take a seat.

Keep going.

Somebody says the water in this area is dirty.

Look at this clear water.

At Yuigahama beach I turning to Kamakura.

Last year I got my tire flat. I hope I can finish this year.

A Shinto shirine gate #1.

The traffic is really heavy. I believe it is much better to come by bicycle to Kamakura.

The gate #2.

Below the gate there are many people.

I ascend on this slope to Asahina.

In the other direction the traffic was heavy.

The slope gets steeper, but not like the mountain roads in Hakuba.

There is my mother's family grave on the top. I come here to visit the grave today.

I can see Miura peninsular from here.

The sloe descending to Asahina ramp.

Descending should be more comfortable, but it was heavy traffic. I just run through the cars.

Running up on the slope to Konandai, where I was grown up.

The elementary school I graduated.

Then I ran on Kamakura street to back to Yokohama Minato-Mirai.

The traffic was awful. Even my bicycle takes 30 minutes to run through.

Finally I ran through.

I avoided the heavy traffic out of Tokyo, and that is the reason I stay in Tokyo and ride here.
How can I do if I am caught with the heavy traffic like today?

Route 15.

Crossing Tama river.

The day time gets shorter and shorter.

Arriving home at 17:46.

It was a really nice along the beautiful sea, except my fall over.

The pace was slower than 17km/h, as I ran slower with such nice views. Well, that is my way.