Monday, September 23, 2013

Cycling-Day 13-Hakuba(21.0km)

Running in the nice breeze.
Day 13, 129days for cycling, total distance 9,465.9km, total climb 129,571m
Hakuba 12:43-14:55
Distance today 21.0km, climb 223m, duration 1:16, avg speed 16.6km/h, burned 446kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

The trekking two days ago was really hard and my body still pains.
We planned to trek today, but we watched a movie late last night and we woke up late.
The weather in the mountain was not perfect, and we did a short ride before lunch.

Many trekkers were coming back from the mountains. I am sure they enjoyed.

We turned back at the middle station of the gondola list.

A bridge from Ochikura to Tsugaike is now under final construction.
I hope it will finish until the winter comes.

The autumn comes to the summer sky. 

Nice run to Happo-One.

The autumn comes to the village.

Lunch at Coccola J.

Nice short ride in Hakuba village.


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