Saturday, August 10, 2013

MTB-Day 5-Matsumoto(8.6/184.8km)

Day 5, 15days for MTB cycling, total distance 184.8km, total climb 5,139m
Matsumoto 8:31-10:51
Distance today 8.6km, climb 30m, duration 2:20, avg speed 9.4km/h, burned 98kcal

MTB riding with 51-san after a long time.

We had two rides.
The first one was not too good, as it was after a long time.
After my eye lines were adjusted, I could ride smoothly.

Thanks to 51-san.

After riding I went back to Hakuba and went to Hotaru, a soba noodle restaurant.

Then a relaxing time in Coffee Senjyu.

For dinner we went to Tako Taco.


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