Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cycling-Day 9-Kurobishi(23.9km)

Ride in Hakuba, a hot day.

Day 9, 125days for cycling, total distance 8,853.0km, total climb 124,910m
Kurobishi 10:06-12:03
Distance today 23.9km, climb 1,167m, duration 1:47, avg speed 13.4km/h, burned 684kcal

Today I wanted to go hiking, but the weather was not good yesterday, and it did not look good either in the morning.

But the sky is blue now, and the ridge lines are clearly seen. I should go hiking today.

I go riding to Kurobishi today.

A new resort hotel is under construction at Sakka.

I wonder there is its demand.

Kurobishi chair lift #2. 46 minutes so far.

It is quicker than the last time.

On a powder day in winter we drop from this tree.

59 minutes so far.

Then I arrived at Cafeteria Kurobishi in 1 hour and 13 minutes.

It is a little quicker than the last time.

Three summits are almost seen.

The air is cool.

The descending was very cool.

Sunflowers at the parking lot #5.

Nice short ride for the day.


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