Tuesday, July 16, 2013

France -day 2-Marseille/Aix-En-Provence

Continued from France -day 1-Marseille.

Continental breakfast at the hotel.
Taste was ok, not so too good.

The room was comfortable and it would be nicer if a fridge was installed.
In Japan even a small cheep hotel may have a fridge in the room.

Today we take a boat tour from Vieux-Port, Chateau d'If and Port Frioul.
The Mediterranean sea looked very calm yesterday. I try on board without sea sickness medicine.

The waiting cue was already long.

This boat tour is free for City Pass, but you still need a ticket to ride at the window.

The lower one is City Pass, and the upper one is the ticket for the boat.
You must keep the boat ticket to the end, which needs to be presented when you ride a boat in the middle.

The boat slowly moves in the bay.

Earlier boat should be better to ride. The later boat is crowded.

After the bay the boat speed up.

The wind across the sea was cool.

After 20mins ride Chateau d'If.

Chateau d'If is an island fortress, and used as a prison by nineteenth century.
It is famous as the prison of the novel "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo".

The guests are walking up to the prison.
I was staying at the harbor to take a picture of the boat.

I was wrong. I should get of the boat as soon as possible and walk up.

The window for the admission fee has a long waiting cue.

We were the last one.

The admission fee is free for City Pass.
This boat tour + Chateau d'If admission fee+ several rides in Marseille exceeds the break even of buying each tickets.

Chateau d'If.

This is the inside.

It was very cool with the sea wind, and much more comfortable than walking around outside as a 'free' citizen.

Most of a year must have been much colder, because it was comfortable in such a hot day.

The top of the Chateau has nice 360 degrees view.
You see the whole Marseille downtown.
The highest one is Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde.

Then we got a boat on the way back.

Sightseeing in Chateau d'If may require 1 hour.
We could catch a boat 1hour later,but we had take one hour and half due to the waiting cue.

Port de Frioul.

We did not get off, but many passengers got off here.

We got back to the Vieux-Port and tried a Gelato restaurant.

You can choose one of two flavors.
The appearance was also nice and taste was excellent.

We checked out the hotel, of the white building on the left.

The hotel was just in front of the railway station.

The station also has good atmosphere.

We go to Aix-en-provence.

I like this old European style of the station.

The train we are going to ride looks like TGV.

The train was 15mins delayed due to the inbound train's delay.

We arrived at Aix-en-provence station.

This station building also looks good.

but a taxi does not come easily.
We wait for a taxi for over 30mins.

We could not check in the hotel.

We left our baggage and walked around.

There are such nice small paths.

Cours Mirabeau, a main street of the city, has nice Platanus trees.

Fountains with strange faces.

We checked in the hotel and walked out again.

Cours Mirabeau in sun setting.

Diner at Les Deux Garçons, along Cours Mirabeau.

Paul Cézanne was often here.

The brasserie was busy and energetic place. The food was also good.

Today I got an accident.

I could not find my passport when I arrived in the hotel in Aix-en-Provence.
I believed I left it on the desk of the hotel in Marseille.
I called to the hotel, but the answer was no.
The cleaning up did not seem completed at the time, and I was asked to call again.
In the evening I called again and the answer was still no.
I was very disappointed but,

I found the passport in my pocket of my pants that I did not wear today.
It was good that I could find the passport, but I made a similar mistake last year in Salt Lake City. Something wrong with me? Is this the aging?

Continued to France -day 3-Aix-En-Provence/visiting sites of Cezanne .


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