Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cycling-Day 4-Shirasawa Pass(17.0km)

Short run before raining.

Day 4, 120days for cycling, total distance 8,428.2km, total climb 117,393m
Shirasawa Pass 10:10-11:10
Distance today 17.0km, climb 1,583m, duration 6:8, avg speed 18.8km/h, burned 357kcal
Today's route

Chance to rain in the afternoon. I feel unhealthy doing nothing, which brings me for a short run.

Shirasawa pass, good place for a short run.

Running through Minekata ski area.

It was hot on the base, but the shade was cooler.

Today I tried the best time of the section, as a training for the trekking season.

The section time was 1 hour by the old road bike, and 45 mins by this new bike.

The section time I made today was 38 mins, as the best time. The elevation was 400m, distance 8.5km.

I was very much exhausted. I can do at this pace for just coming here, but not for further runs.

The mountains were not seen very well.

Now descending.

It was cold for the beginning.

I went down fast and the total work out was 1 hour. Good enough before the rain.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

MTB-Day 4-Kogumayama Trail(44.7/176.2km)

Kogumayama Trail on MTB.

Day 4, 14days for MTB cycling, total distance 176.2km, total climb 3,408m
Kogumayama Trail 9:51-15:00 Distance today 44.7km, climb 0m, duration 4:46, avg speed 7.2km/h, burned 2,298kcal
Gear: ibis mojo

I ride on a bike I borrowed from 51-san.

We go to Mt. Koguma by our own.

It's getting hot. The ascending to Kashimayari ski resort was not easy. Bringing the bikes by car can be an option.

Nice trails.

So much fun.

A take-off point of para glider.

We saw a few riders.

Nice view of the Lake Kizaki.

We hiked up to Mt. Koguma.

The hiking was hard. We pushed the bike.

The peak.

The trails are very fun. They are wilder than Matsumoto trails. Mind the drops of animals.

We tried a trail straight to the lake Kizaki, but it was too steep.

The view was nice, though.

We traced the same route on the way back. We got heavy shower on the way, which cleaned our bikes up.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

MTB-Day 3-Matsumoto(10.1/131.5km)

Brilliant trails in Matsumoto.

Day 3, 13days for MTB cycling, total distance 131.5km, total climb 3,408m
Matsumoto 10:15-15:00 Distance today 10.1km, climb 0m, duration 1:23, avg speed 0.0km/h, burned 447kcal
Gear: ibis mojo HD

Morning in Hakuba

The weather was not stable on Saturday, but it got better on Sunday.

Today we got to Matsumoto for MTB rides.

51-san took us a nice trail, where we did several times before.

We had so much fun there.

Lunch in the downtown.

It's nice to have great lunch in downtown while MTB riding.

After lunch M-san joined us, who I have never seen for 5 years.

He took us a good trail.

It is long, but very nice trail. Thanks to M-san.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cycling-Day 3-Otari-Hotaru(43.0km)

To Hotaru, a Japanese Soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant just like last week.

Day 3, 119days for cycling, total distance 8,411.2km, total climb 114,602m
Otari-Hotaru 12:22-15:00
Distance today 43.0km, climb 800m, duration 1:53, avg speed 22.7km/h, burned 991kcal
Today's route

We wanted to ride on MTB today, but the rain last night was heavy, and the trails must be very muddy. We gave up riding on MTB and chose road riding around Hakuba.

For Soba (buckwheat) noodles at Hotaru.
The mountains are covered with the clouds, but the village seemed ok.

My friend was running so fast. I cannot see him any more.

Looks like the sky in summer.

On the way I suddenly speed down, and also felt some trembling from the front wheel.

I got my front tire flat.

I brought a spare tube with me. I changed the tube there, with a few minutes loss.

For about one hour riding we got to Hotaru.

Yesterday I ate Soba for lunch as well, but I love Soba here.

On the way back we got some rain drops but generally sunny.

Nice ride, but a little humid.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

MTB-Day 2-Matsumoto(14.0/121.4km)

Matsumoto trail again.

Day 2, 11days for MTB cycling, total distance 121.4km, total climb 3,408m
Matsumoto 8:40-14:30 Distance today 14.0km, climb 0m, duration 5:50, avg speed 0.0km/h, burned 1,000kcal
Gear: ibis mojo HD

I enjoyed 4 runs with a bike I borrowed from 51-san.

Good trails.

I could use my eye lines good today, which lead me in higher speed.

Also good compliment for the ride.

Thanks to 51-san.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cycling-Day 2-Otari-Hotaru(42.2km)

Gourmet ride to Otari, for buckwheat noodle.

Day 2, 118days for cycling, total distance 8,368.2km, total climb 114,602m
Otari-Hotaru 10:42-12:42 Distance today 42.2km, climb 800m, duration 2:0, avg speed 21.0km/h, burned 852kcal
Today's route

At Hakuba.
Although the mountains are covered with clouds, it was sunny at the ground level.

Looking up at Hakuba-Oike station.

There is a competition called "Tsugaike Cycle Classic" tomorrow.
It is a competition to climb up 1200m height, with 17km distance.

I run on the same course several times. I wanted to trace today, but there should be many athletes.

Following the route 148.

Avoiding a dangerous tunnel.

Nakatsuchi station.

I skied down to this station in winter before.
I miss the white and cold days.

Cross point to Otari-Onsen.

This is the dangerous tunnel for cyclists.

Keep ascending the road. Then I approaches to the buckwheat restaurant, "Hotaru".

There are not tough slopes to ascend.

Lunch time!

Hotaru has 7th anniversary year.

Very original Japanese scene with good food. Nice riding.

Today's ride was short, though.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Ski day 73 at Tateyama -Day 2-

Probably this is the last ski for this season.

73rd day for this ski season, 34 days for powder, 25 days for backcountry, telemark for 17 days
Tateyama 8:15-14:30

Continued from Ski day 72 at Tateyama -Day 1-.

It was foggy in the early morning. We stayed at the cabin to wait for the clear view. 
The view comes back. Now we go.

Today we go to Mt. Tsurugi-Gozen.

The trail to the mountain the snow has gone several times.

The peak.

Actually this is the first time to come to the peak, although we skied here many times.

Usually it is covered with the snow, and we could not see where the peak is.

The drop point.

It was good.
Not much the rain gullies.

We reached to Tsurugisawa valley and now climbing back.

The valley was covered with the gullies.

Then we came up to the drop point again.

The second run.

It was also nice.

We saw a ptarmigan very close.

The foot prints.

We skied down three times on the same place.

This will be the last ski run for this season. We really enjoyed it.

Hike to the cabin.

This will be the last time to see Mt. Tsurugi for this season.

We miss it.

We had to walk for a while on the way back to Raicho-zawa.

We ski down on Raicho-zawa.

This is an extra run but usually this slope is not good.

Today it was not so bad.

Then it is really the last run.

We go back to Murodo through the dozer trail.

To the station.

We look back at Tateyama.

Thanks to the good season.

Kurobe dam station.

10 minutes before the departure, but there is a long cue already.
I was not the only skier but there were few. Many were the sightseers.

Green mountain in Hakuba.

It was like a dream that I skied today.

By the way my jacket was found at a station on the way.
Thanks to someone who found.

The left one was the jacket I lost and found. The right one is the new one.

I have skied every weekends except last week since last November 18, but the end approaches.
Today may be the last day for skiing in this season.
I wish to ski one more, but it is only if the weather permits, as a rainy season.

I thank to everyone we skied together.
We wish the pleasant season next year.