Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ski day 68 at Mt. Chokai/NakajimaDai

Enjoyed dynamic terrains.

68th day for this ski season, 34 days for powder, 20 days for backcountry, telemark for 16 days
Mt. Chokai/NakajimaDai 9:20-15:30
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Continued from Ski day 67 at Mt.Chokai/Haraikawa.

Day 3 in Tohoku. We joined BanYa tour again.

The weather did not look good today either.

Today we approached to Mt. Chokai from NakajimaDai, in the North.

We walked for the beginning. A nature guide explained on the way.

I left my ski gloves and went back to my car. Many apologies to the team members.

We put the climbing skins and kept walking.

"Agariko Daio" (Giant wood). The shape is very unique.

There were some sightseers just to see this.

We said good-bye to the nature guide and followed the mountain guide from here.
It was the beginning of hiking, but there are no steep hikes in this course, although it is very long.

It is a Japanese old custom to eat Kashiwa Mochi, or a sticky rice cake with bean paste wrapped by an oak leaf on May 5th.

As I am skiing over a half of a year, it is important for me to eat seasonal foods to feel what the season is.

Above the forest limit, it was very windy.

We hiked against the strong wind.

Some were fallen by the wind. The wind blew my sunglasses.

After we passed the outer rim of the crater, the wind became less strong, but the visibility was poor.

It was fortunate that the vision came during our break, and the next vision came after hiking.
It was as if the mountain brought us higher.

At 1800m above the sea level.

Our mountain guide suggested to ski from here, if we really want to have the good snow condition.

Our start point is seen below away.

We walked far, far away indeed.

Now we descend.

The peak had just appeared before we started.

The skiing was really good.

We enjoyed the dynamic terrains.

Everyone looked happy.

In the middle of the way back, at last we could see the entire mountain.

It was good for us to see the mountain.

The lower part was the stop snow.

As the way back was longer, descending was more tough.
The long skiing on the stop snow killed our thighs.

The lower part was very flat. We just moved.

We walked at the end.

The boardwalk was very slippery due to the slushy snow.

The elevation we hiked was 1350m, the distance was 19km for the round trip.
It was long enough, but the dynamic skiing on the higher part was really good.

We could see the entire Mt. Chokai under the blue sky on the way to a spa.

We could see the valley we skied today.

Seafood bowl for diner, at the same place yesterday.

Then we watched the sunset to the Japan Sea.

It was a good day.

At night we drank at the camp site.

Continued to Ski day 69 at Mt. Chokai/YunoDai.


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