Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cycling-Day 1-Matsumoto Craft Fair(125.7km)

We went to Matsumoto Craft Fair by bike.

Day 1, 117days for cycling, total distance 8,326.1km, total climb 114,602m
Matsumoto Craft Fair 10:25-18:30
Distance today 125.7km, climb 800m, duration 5:44, avg speed 21.9km/h, burned 2,909kcal

Lovely day in Hakuba.
The three summits were beautiful.

The snow melted fast since two weeks ago.

This is the first day in this season for a ride.

Today our wives want to go to Matsumoto Craft Fair. Husbands will go there by bike.

As today is the first day in the season, I was much behind my friend, who commutes by bike every day.

The river side road on Takase River.

We enjoyed the fresh air of May.

We arrived in Matsumoto in 2 hours and half.

It was the lunch time.

Delhi, a famous curry restaurant in an old Japanese style house.

Very nice.

We arrived at Agata-no-mori, where the fair is held.

Very busy in such a sunny day.

We looked around for a while.
I was exhausted on my SPD shoes.

Wives were still buying something. Husband left to home at 15:30.

We saw Matsumoto castle on our back.

Keep running.

The follow wind helped us on Olympic road.

Afterward the wind became against. The road was ascending. I slowed down and was very tired.

Aoki Lake. I was totally exhausted to come back here.

Today the pace was faster than my own as my friend led me.
The outbound was in the good pace, but I was exhausted on the way back.
As an excuse, today is the first day.

I am using Runkeeper on my iPhone for the log, but I could not upload the activity.
I have not used for several month, and the setting may be changed.


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