Sunday, May 26, 2013

MTB-Day 1-Matsumoto(5.0/107.4km)

MTB Trail in Matsumoto.

Day 1, 11days for MTB cycling, total distance 107.4km, total climb 3,408m
Matsumoto 8:30-12:00
Distance today 5.0km, climb 0m, duration 3:30, avg speed 0.0km/h, burned 500kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Sunny day in Hakuba.

Today we went to Matsumoto again.

This time we drove there.

Today we got MTB ride with my friend, Goichi-san.
I have wanted to have rides with him, which finally realized today.

I was too busy for riding on MTB to take pictures.

The eye lines were not good for the beginning. Sooner they got better and I could enjoy the riding.

Thanks for taking us to the nice rides.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cycling-Day 1-Matsumoto Craft Fair(125.7km)

We went to Matsumoto Craft Fair by bike.

Day 1, 117days for cycling, total distance 8,326.1km, total climb 114,602m
Matsumoto Craft Fair 10:25-18:30
Distance today 125.7km, climb 800m, duration 5:44, avg speed 21.9km/h, burned 2,909kcal

Lovely day in Hakuba.
The three summits were beautiful.

The snow melted fast since two weeks ago.

This is the first day in this season for a ride.

Today our wives want to go to Matsumoto Craft Fair. Husbands will go there by bike.

As today is the first day in the season, I was much behind my friend, who commutes by bike every day.

The river side road on Takase River.

We enjoyed the fresh air of May.

We arrived in Matsumoto in 2 hours and half.

It was the lunch time.

Delhi, a famous curry restaurant in an old Japanese style house.

Very nice.

We arrived at Agata-no-mori, where the fair is held.

Very busy in such a sunny day.

We looked around for a while.
I was exhausted on my SPD shoes.

Wives were still buying something. Husband left to home at 15:30.

We saw Matsumoto castle on our back.

Keep running.

The follow wind helped us on Olympic road.

Afterward the wind became against. The road was ascending. I slowed down and was very tired.

Aoki Lake. I was totally exhausted to come back here.

Today the pace was faster than my own as my friend led me.
The outbound was in the good pace, but I was exhausted on the way back.
As an excuse, today is the first day.

I am using Runkeeper on my iPhone for the log, but I could not upload the activity.
I have not used for several month, and the setting may be changed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ski day 71 at Mt. Fuji

Dynamic descent on perfect corn snow.

71st day for this ski season, 34 days for powder, 23 days for backcountry, telemark for 17 days
Mt. Fuji 6:15-16:10

This time I joined to BanYa tour for Mt. Fuji, as a regular event.

For preparation to the altitude sickness, I came to the start point last night and stayed.

Sunrise above the cloud sea.

Mt. Fuji appears very clearly.

Looks like a good day.

We hiked 400m hight and put climbing skins from 2400m above the sea level.

The snow got melt and skins worked pretty good.

We may go to the peak on the skins all the way.
This is the 6th time to ski on Mt. Fuji, but the first time for climbing skins at Mt. Fuji.

A friend of mine, Nissie came down to us.

This was the second descent for him. How strong he is!
(And he caught up with us when hiking).

We hiked very slowly, and arrived at Okumiya (A shrine on the ridge line) at 13:10.

This is the second time to ski down from this side.

The highest point, at 3776m above the sea level, is a little far from here. We probably ski down from here.

We could see the Southern Japan Alps.

Then we looked around the crater.

We walked along the edge of the crater, and descent from the good point Nissie advised us.

For the beginning the terrain looked annoying, but the rest were the nice slopes.

Perfect film crust.


It snowed a little two days ago, and we were afraid of stop snow.

We did not see any stop snow at the end.

1300m down hill with over 40 degrees. We enjoyed the dynamic slopes.

The lower part was a little annoying.

We had to be very careful not to get scratches with the volcano ash.

We looked back to the mountain.

Mt. Fuji, I love it.

Only one time is very much enough to hike in the summer season, but we love to come again here, even though this is the 6th time.

We carried ski sets and walked on the sandy road.

Mt. Fuji was shining silver.

Thanks to the mountain.

Diner at Uokei. Pretty much seafood on a rice bowl.

Thanks to the company today, and BanYa tour.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ski day 70 at Mt. Hakuba-Yari

Dynamic down hill and nice corn snow.

70th day for this ski season, 34 days for powder, 22 days for backcountry, telemark for 17 days
Mt. Hakuba-Yari 7:45-16:15

We did not do any outdoor activity on Saturday due to the rain, but we got the sunny Sunday.

Today, we go to the white wide terrain just between the clouds on the left.
We tried to do so two weeks ago, but we could not do it due to the strong stop snow.

At 7:45 we left Sarukura.

Last time the climbing skins did not work on the icy ground, but today it was very easy.

At 9:00 we arrived at Obinata kor (saddle).

We arrived at Yari-Onsen spa at 10:15.

2 hours half so far.

We are probably able to attack the peak today.

Keep climbing.

We climbed on Oidappara.

And looking down the Hakuba village.

We arrived at the ridge line at 12:30.

We could fortunately come here by climbing skins as the condition was good.
2675m above the sea level. We earned 1600m so far.

We walked to the peak with carrying ski sets on our back.

We could see the dynamic view of Mt. Tsurugi.

On the other side there are Mt. Hakuba and Mt. Shakushi.

This is one of my favorite view.

We reached to the peak of Mt. Hakuba-Yari at 13:15.

It's been since a year ago.

It was good the sign board was renewed. The old one was shaved by the tough weather, and the name of the mountain was almost erased.

Now, we descend from the peak.

The angle is almost 45 degrees.

There are few large terrains where that angle continues.

Here we go now.

Wonderful terrain.

The upper side was film-crusted, and the lower side had the good corn snow.
Perfect condition.

We keep going.

My friend made good trails.

Breathtaking beautiful terrain.

We keep going to Yari-Onsen spa.

This valley is usually covered with debris in this season, but it was not today.

Taking bath in Yari-Onsen spa.

The water was not so hot as the rain seemed cooling down.

It is nice to have beer in the spa, but I have to drive on the way back.

Coffee time instead.

We relaxed for almost one hour.

The terrain we skied was shining beautifully.

Annoying hike to Obinata kor.

We reviewed the spa and the terrain we skied.

The skiing from the kor was not bad.

Today we earned 2100m elevation. This route was not unusual, as we did several times before, but tough enough.

Cheers to the good and large terrain and the good snow.