Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ski day 56 at MitaharaYama

Snow and rain...

56th day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 13 days for backcountry, telemark for 11 days
MitaharaYama 8:00-14:30
Continued from Ski day 55 at MitaharaYama

I got a cramp in my legs last night and suffered from the pain. It was a shame that I could not drink much.
In the morning I got well.

The winter has come back again outside.

No visibility.
We attempted to the original destination, Mt. Hiuchi, but..

Still no visibility.
Here we end up.

It was the powder snow.

Then we went beyond Mt. Chausu to Mt. Mitahara.

Now we go back.

On they way back it was snowing but it turned raining.

There were some annoying terrains.

We came back to Myoko-Suginohara Snow Resort.
A proposal to eat Ramen.

We all got there together.

The weather was not good, but it was totally a good tour.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ski day 55 at MitaharaYama

Cloud seas and nice film-crusted snow skiing.
55th day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 12 days for backcountry, telemark for 11 days 
MitaharaYama 8:00-16:00
Gear: Teneighty GUN+GARMONT RADIUM スキー日記-55日目-三田原山 

We did backcountry skiing in BanYa tour.

4:30am. Leaving for the tour. Still sleepy.

Myoko-Suginohara Snow Resort. Very foggy, which discourage us very much.
But it was sunny above according to the live camera.

Now we start hiking.
Very icy and the climbing skins did not work well.

We came through the clouds to the blue sky.

Mt. Takatsuma and Ototsuma, above the clouds sea.

And North Japan Alps mountains.

Mt. Myoko, on the other side.
Dynamic view.

A strange ice block.

At 12:43 we arrived at MitaharaYama (Mt. Mitahara).
We slowed down until the snow became slushy and the climbing skins worked well.

The other clouds sea in Niigata side.

The skiing from Mt. Mitahara was a little annoying.

Hiking to Mr. Chausu.
The terrain on Mt. Chausu looked very nice.
Then we leave climbing stuff here, and go skiing down with climbing skins only.

Excellent film-crusted snow.
We really enjoyed and did another run.

To Koyaike hut with the beautiful clouds sea.

Cooking diner.
My JET BOIL worked busy.

Sunset. A wonderful day ends.

Continued to Ski day 56 at MitaharaYama.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ski day 54 at HappoOne

The end is approaching in the ski resort.

54th day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 10 days for backcountry, telemark for 11 days
HappoOne 10:00-15:20
Gear: BanYa M0809

Calm and warm morning.

There were windy days recently. The calm day is precious.
The snow in the village has gone.

Today would be the last chance to go around all courses in the ski resort. We tried to trace as many course as possible.

From Sakka.


Beautiful view of Hakuba three summits from the Skyline #2 chairlift.

Nice blue sky.

The spring vacation season has just come and the sunny Sunday brings many guest to the lift.


The bumps were very nice to do mogul.


The bumps were good, too.

The spring has come, as we enjoy the bumps of slushy snow.

The ground appears in Kokusai.

The course will be closed very soon.

In Central, as well.

We have completed to Shirakaba before lunch.

Lunch at Cafeteria Kurobishi.

After lunch we finished the rest of the courses, Riesen and Nakiyama.
Nakiyama was also almost finished.

The lower part seems ending in a week.

Back to Skyline.

Oideppara, the snow basin in the left of the left summit, looks close to me.

We should go there soon.

Today will be the last day to park here.
It's a shame the season in ending.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ski day 53 at HappoOne


53rd day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 10 days for backcountry, telemark for 11 days
HappoOne 8:30-12:00
Gear: BanYa M0809

A little snow fell last night. I wanted to go backcountry but the cold weather froze the terrains.

The ski resort seemed better for nice cruising on the hard courses.

From Sakka. It is really icy as expected.

It was very windy in Skyline. Not comfortable for riding on the chairlift.
We did several runs in Riesen, but not well groomed.
Upper Usagi the visibility was bad.

Free coffee service at Sun terrace Panorama.

The visibility recovered in Panorama. We did here repeatedly.

Good riding until noon. The visibility became worse again, and it was the good time to end.

Lunch at Sounds Like Cafe.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ski day 52 at HappoOne

Today I did not tend to come here.

52nd day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 10 days for backcountry, telemark for 11 days
HappoOne 11:35-14:00
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Today it is a single national holiday and I did not tend to come to Hakuba, but I had a business trip to Saitama on Tuesday and decided to come to Hakuba at the end.

Good to come and dive into Onsen spa.
At night I enjoyed beer and movies.

In the morning I had some job to do and went skiing late morning.

I came to Sakka area. The ground appeared in lower resort.

The lower part is almost finished. Today I go around in lower part.

KitaOne at the beginning.

Kita One new course is closed.

The snow is melting at the mogul course in Kita One.

Kokusai Lift.

The ground appeared here, too.

I went down in Kokusai and moved to Central.

And moved to Shirakaba.

Shirakaba will end very soon.

I got Shirakaba chairlift #1.

I go through at the gate very often, but hardly got on.

As long as I remember I got once or twice. The next time will be 5 years later.

At Nakiyama.

The snow is melting.

I went up to Riesen.

Riesen was rough.

I was reading Nikkei newspaper.

I finished reading on the lift.


There were windy days recently and I could not come here for a while.


I could see Hakuba three summits.

Then I skied on Skyline and Panorama.

I wanted to ski more, but I was concerning about the job I left.