Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ski day 45 at HappoOne

It was supposed to be another powder day...

45th day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days
HappoOne 9:00-10:00

Today we got fresh snow again.

Cortina announced 45cm fresh snow. It's good to have fresh snow in two days.

But we realized the chairlift #4 and #5 were closed today due to the avalanche risk.


Then we came back to HappoOne.
We could came back early and we were not too late.

But the upper lifts were closed due to the strong wind.

Kitaone quad was somehow open.

It was very windy at the top.

We could run on powder snow several times, but finished in a few runs.

We had to have a break for a while.

Lunch at Coccola.

The upper lifts were opened in the afternoon, but we finished today.

It kept snowing heavily at night. I went home with great regrets.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ski day 44 at Cortina/HappoOne

The day.

44th day for this ski season, 28 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days
Cortina 8:30-11:40
HappoOne 13:50-15:00
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

It was snowing on the way to Hakuba. Closer we came, the snow became heavier.
Heavy snow in Hakuba.

Too much snow may close Cortina courses. Then we decided to go to HappoOne.

In the morning we found fewer fresh snow on my car.
Then we bet on Cortina.

A long cue of the skies and boards.
The chairlift #4 opens today.

Junkies were gathering to the lift.

Wonderful terrain to go.

And here.

The next three hours were fantastic.
Today was the best day in Cortina for me.

At 11:30, almost done.

Thanks for the powder day.

In the afternoon I went to HappoOne with my wife.
I had not been on Telemark recently.

Good condition at HappoOne, but windy.

Diner at Pizzakaya.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ski day 43 at Charmant/HappoOne

Powder skiing Charmant and mogul at Happo.

42nd day for this ski season, 26 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days
Charmant 8:30-10:40
HappoOne 13:30-15:45
Gear: BanYa M0809

Beautiful Morgenrot.

Today we probably should go to Cortina, as it was closed and kept with fresh snow since yesterday.
But we were afraid it would be closed again as the terrain seemed not stable.
Also it would be very much busy when it would be open.

Then we chose Charmant. 10-15cm snow fall was forecasted.

The parking lot was busy for a public competition for Itoigawa city.

The terrains looked finished.

The cue for the lift was long, but there were not so many junkies.
As the matter of the fact, it was good.

Very nice.

When we came back to Hakuba we found the weather was beautiful and the bumps looked good.

Then we went to HappoOne.

When we arrived at Usagi, we found a sampling of vector glide.

We borrowed ski sets for sampling.

The first one was "make nt". I just chose it before I was advised.

It was not good for bumps. Too hard.

Then I requested a very flexible and quick-moving.

This was nice as requested.

The sampling was finished with just two ski sets.

I enjoyed with my own ski sets for the rest of the runs.
The bumps were soft and good. We ran several times.

So much fan today from the early morning.

We went to a Japanese meal restaurant.

The restaurant was modified to an Asian food restaurant, which was completely different.

The crew did not understand Japanese, or even English!

There are now many foreigners in Hakuba, and many restaurants are becoming for English speakers. It's fine, but we want either of English or Japanese should be available.

I have my car washed with a machine.

It looked like a big storm.

I do hardly wash my car, but I had to wash as I use my car for business tomorrow.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ski day 42 at Hakuba-Norikura

Powder snow, good enough.

41st day for this ski season, 25 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days Hakuba-Norikura 9:30-11:30

Otari looked like having so much snow today.
At 7am Cortina updated the snow fall in 50cm.
We went for Cortina as usual.

But a crew at the parking lot told us that the chairlift #4 and #5 were closed today.
It's a shame they were closed, but good to be informed very earlier.
Then we moved to Hakuba-Norikura, a ski resort next to Cortina.

They are now open for us to ski in 'self-responsibility' area.

The avalanche check was very severe and the lift did not open soon.

At 9:30 finally it was opened.

We are not familiar with the course layout, and looked for the powder areas.

We walked at the end.

And some were very good.

It would be nice if they are steeper.

And we found the terrains were not stable in today's condition.
We could understand the higher places in Cortina were closed.

Pizzakaya for diner.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ski day 41 at Cortina

Retiring in front of the powder snow.

41st day for this ski season, 25 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days Cortina 10:00-12:00 Gear: Atomic Demo, ARMADA JJ

The powder snow was forecasted. The updated information said Cortina had 30cm of snow falls.
I believed today would be one of the best days.

At 8am.

We put the ski sets as usual. The cue of ski sets were long. We were a little late.

Just before the ski lif opened, I tried to put my skies and found the tow piece was down.
I was supposed to push the piece down to release, but I could not.

A plastic piece was broken and the spring got down.

It really shocked me. I could not even put skies on the very powder day!

I tried to find rental skies but there were no fat skies.
I also tried to fix the piece, but I could not.

Then I found a 'relatively' fat ski with 12cm of top width. I borrowed it and then followed the very long long cue of the lift ticket window.

It was already 10am when I loaded myself on the lift. It was 1 hour and half late.
The one I borrowed was Atomic Demo.

The major courses were already finished, but

Some area was still fresh.

But this ski was not enough for the powder snow, as I knew.

The ski sank deeply to my waist. When I turned the powder snow flied up over my face and I could not see the front.

I almost to hit the next tree.

It was dangerous and no fan.

Then I heard about the sampling of ARMADA skies. I knew it but I thought it was not available before 10am.
It was annoying to go down to the crowded base lifts, but

I borrowed ARMADA JJ.
I could hardly manage the rest of the time with the basic ski, and it would be much better to spend the time with a fan.

I could run only two times with ARMADA, but I really enjoyed.
The powder day must be for fat skies.

I brought my G3 bindings to Rapie, Hakuba.
It is good to bring quickly when it is trouble.

It was pity that I missed the beginning, but it was good it did happened today, in Cortina.
If it would happen in deep back country side, it would be very difficult to come back.

It was already reported that the tow pin is easily broken.
My tow pieces were already replaced but the trouble today was new.

I had a trouble in the beginning, but all's well that ends well after I enjoyed two runs.

Another enjoying time with nice coffee and cake.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ski day 40 at Urahiyo

Another powder day.

40th day for this ski season, 24 days for powder, 10 days for backcountry, telemark for 7 days
Urahiyo 8:00-12:00

A strange mark on the road.

Today we went to Urahiyo.

It seemed already finished by many people, as the national holidays.

The gondola lift was not so busy.

It seemed cold while it was snowing, but getting hot during hiking.

I used my fan goggle, but it got fogged. SMITH's fan goggle did not get fogged, but SWANS's fan was not so strong.


Looks good.

Now we go.

We hit the surface several times, but generally ok.

But it looked difficult to hike back on icy terrains. Then we keep going to Wakaguri.

Kurokawasawa. It also looks good.

Now we go.

No hitting on the surface!

Too good to leave. We hiked up again.

We enjoyed the second run.

The terrains did not seem stable and we go home now.

Backside of Cortina.

Looks very bumpy.

We called a taxi from Hakuba-Norikura.

We could walk, but we parked at the upper parking, which would make us walk long.

The taxi costed in 1,580yen. Good enough to share with three persons.

Kicchonchon for diner.