Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ski day 36 at Hakuba-Cortina

No words for the day.

36th day for this ski season, 22 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days
Cortina 8:30-11:50

Today we aimed Cortina.
The updated snow falls were 45cm at 7am! No way to go but to Cortina.

Some snow falls in Hakuba.

We met many powder mates at there. All thoughts are same.

Heading to the top. Getting excited.

Hieda 3.

We came early, but 20 or more were in front of us.
Then we did not choose Hieda 2 or 3, but went straight to the lift side.

No words to say.

Back country side.

We had all powder runs until noon.

Thanks for the day.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ski day 35 at HappoOne

The lift operation really troubled us today, but All's Well That Ends Well.

35th day for this ski season, 21 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days
HappoOne 7:30-14:00

It snowed since last night. Too much snow may cause a problem, such as close at Cortina #4 chair lift.
We estimated that the Cortina #4 would not open today, and woke up at 5:30am to choose either of Charmant or HappoOne.

Charmant seemed good, but Happo also seemed nice. Then we chose Happo.
The snow was fewer at the village, but it should be ok at mountain side.

Strong winds were forecasted. We wondered how they were.

At HappoOne there were fewer junkies. Looks like all went to Cortina.

Awaiting for Alpen chairlift starting.

But it was closed due to the strong wind.

We used gondola lift for Central and Panorama.
We expected the Skyline lift would start, and moved to Sakka.
A quad at Sakka was also closed due to some machine troubles.
Then we went back to the gondola lift. We got an announcement on the way, that the Alpen quad became operational.

We were too late at Usagi and Tanuki. They were already gone.
We skied straight down to Kurobishi and Skyline, which was nice.
The Skyline lift was still closed, and we did several runs at Kita-one quad.

Finally Skyline chairlift started.

The main course was already finished, but we enjoyed the other area.

On the way to Cafeteria Kurobishi, the lift often stopped due to the strong winds.

We were just close! 1m to the unload point!

It was very cold on the chair, with the strong winds.

Lunch at the cafeteria Kurobishi.

The lift trouble prevented the staff to come. They could not cook steamed rice, and the curry combo was served with bread, instead of rice.

During lunch all upper lifts were closed.

Now the time to end.

Some of tracks were covered with the snow by the winds.

We could enjoyed the last run.

It was good to enjoy in such a long time, as we usually have to end at Happo.

Last week my goggle was broken and I bought a new one.

The fun was working very good at the first time but stopped.
That seemed because I was using a rechargeable battery, which has less power.
I probably have to learn more how to use it.
Also all cars look gun metallic. Very weird.

Dinner at Miyama, barbecue.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ski day 34 at Hakuba-Cortina/HappoOne

Cortina to HappoOne

34th day for this ski season, 20 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days
Hakuba Cortina 8:30-11:15
HappoOne 13:15-15:15
Gear: BanYa M0809

Not much snow fall in Hakuba,

but 25cm new snow was informed in Cortina.

It did not seem enough, but let's try anyway.

Arrived at 8am and left ski sets to keep our turn.
Not so many junkies were gathering.

Not a good sign.

Waiting for the opening of chairlift.

We did several courses, 25cm was not enough to enjoy. We hit the bottom.

At backcountry area.

This side was better, but not the best.

Usually we could enjoy until noon, but ended up at 11:15.

Light meal at Cafe Momo.

I could finish today, but the weather in Hakuba was sunny.

I went to HappoOne for a short ride.

Today I did some mogul runs.

It was good at Usagi.

I did for an hour, but the visibility became worse.
I went to Skyline for long turns. I did twice there.

It became very foggy when I came back to Usagi.

Now the time to go back.

My fan goggle was broken again.
I have used it for many years, but during the time I replaced the battery box once, the cable was cut and jointed.
Yesterday the fan cover was gone when I crashed into the snow.
I looked for a substitute, and PET bottle cap was a good fit.

I am not good at crafting, but it worked today.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ski day 33 at Charmant

Powder snow at Charmant.
Finally I got after failure two times.

33rd day for this ski season, 19 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days
Charmant 8:30-10:30

A storm made me to leave my car at Nagano station last week.

I rode on a bullet train to Nagano, and picked my car up.
The train was crowded.

In the morning there was no snow fall in Hakuba but snow over 30cm was expected in Charmant.
Now we go and see.

I missed two times last week. I want to get it this time.

The trails seemed covered.

We should expect the powder day.

Looks good.

The snow fall was not so much, but the wind brew the snow over.
The snow let skies run fast.

I had to choose some aggressive lines, but enjoyed for two hours.

It was a short time but we did many.

Good day.

We enjoyed fresh fishes from Japan Sea at a sushi restaurant.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ski day 32 at HappoOne

No benefit and full of harmful, southern low pressure weather.

32nd day for this ski season, 18 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days
HappoOne 13:50-15:00

Today most of Japan encountered a big winter storm and impacted on transportation.
Even Tokyo had snow fall.
Such winter storm is brought by southern low pressure, which does not bring the snow to Hakuba.

I knew the mechanism but I expected a little, that Hakuba would have some snow fall.
In fact the snow was few in the morning.

I worked at home in the morning and went skiing in the afternoon. As the last day of holidays, the skiers would go home, and the terrains would be covered with the snow again.

Skyline had many tracks, not covered with snow yet.

The southern low pressure did not bring much snow to Hakuba, as we knew.

The place I know fewer skiers come.

There were also many tracks.

Usagi was also annoying.

Then I finished very soon.

I got an information the highways were closed due to the heavy snow.

I decided to spend in Hakuba to wait for the reopen.

Coffee and sweets at my favorite cafe.

I was optimistic that the highways should open at night, but they were still closed at the time I had to leave.

My options are to wait for reopen and go home in very early morning, or to leave my car and take a bullet train in the morning.

Then I left my car at Nagano station and took a bullet train.

The train company provides a good deal for a bullet train passenger to park a car.

It costs more than I drive home, but no way home right now.

Good thing is that I can drink on the way home.

The trip was very smooth, and I could be at home earlier than usual.

I found a highway was finally reopen when I was at home.
It would take much more time to drive on local roads, or drive on the highway very slowly just after reopened.
I believe my decision was the best.

I hate the southern low pressure. It impacts on transportation but does not bring snow to Hakuba. It could bring snow to southern Nagano, but the snow is wet and heavy, which is not powder snow. Higher place should have powder snow, but there is no ski resorts in higher place in southern Nagano.

In winter, the weather should be the winter type.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ski day 31 at Urahiyo

Up and down for the powder.

31st day for this ski season, 18 days for powder, 9 days for backcountry, telemark for 6 days Urahiyo 8:00-14:45

Today we went to Urahiyo.
We were afraid the busy tracks there as the second day of holidays, but we also expected fewer tracks when we saw the backcountry players in Kurokawasawa yesterday.

The best rays for Morgenrot, but the mountains were covered with clouds.

As soon as the lift was open, we took Gondola lift and the chairlift.

The first tour to Urahiyo in this season.

We hiked to Tenguppara first.
Beautiful Hakuba summits.

It's been here since last October.

The first run at Okuhiyo.

It was a pity that my favorite north face was packed, but this one was also good.

Hiked up to Urahiyo.

This really looks like the mountain nearby Alta where we visited in December.

The slope looks very good.

Nice runs.

We knew Urahiyo never be worse.


Then we did 5 runs on no tracks.

There were many people as holidays, though.

We did many enough, and it became cloudy.

Now the time to finish.

The south face looks awful with crust.

but not so bad as we saw.

It was a wonderful day today.