Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cycling-Day 23-Misaki port/Kamakura(101.7km)

Nice and comfortable ride along the beach.

Day 23, 116days for cycling, total distance 8,200.4km, total climb 113,802m
Misaki port/Kamakura 6:37-14:18
Distance today 101.7km, climb 281m, duration 7:41, avg speed 18.9km/h, burned 2,705kcal

My bike-riding season is almost ending. For closing I want to go to Misaki port to eat tuna fish.
This is the best route I like.

6:37 started

7:07 across Tama river

I saw Mt. Fuji. The upper mountain was covered with the snow. The ski season is coming.

7:47 Yokohama Minato-Mirai.

The pace is faster than the last time.

A cycling lane is newly built.

But it ends very soon. It's not convenient.

I rode very smoothly and arrived at Miura beach at 9:56.

3 hours and a few mins so far.
The sea is beautiful.

I could see Mt. Fuji again.

At 10:35 a cross point to Jogashima island.

I go to Jogashima island today. 3 hours half so far.
It's faster than the last time.

Corssing Jogashima bridge.

No toll fee for bicycle.

It's been many years since I was here.

Nice view.

Now I go back to the port and eat tuna fish.

Two bowls of combination in 12,00 yen. Very reasonable.

I chose a soy-sauce pickled one and rich-fat piece. Very nice.
It is worth to ride over 70km to eat.

The Misaki port.

Now I go back home.

Nice ride along the beach.
At 12:24 at Tateishi park.

Enoshima island is in my sight.

At 12:52 at Hayama marina.

Keep riding well.
I love this route.

At 13:17 at Yuigahama.

Now I left the beach. I miss this nice breeze.

Just after turning here, I got a big sound like gun shot.

I got my front tire flat.

I know so much about repairing.

I set my bicycle and take the repair kit out, and I realize that....

I left a spare tube.

I looked for the size for this at several bicycle shop, but it is a special one. I could not find it.

Too bad, but I have to finish my ride here now.
Still I was lucky, I finish the nice ride along the beach already.

At Kamakura station. Now I pack my bicycle and ride on train back.

Totsuka station.

I use this rail crossing on the way back for my ride. I did not expect to pass here by train.

At home I found the tire was burst.

I replaced the tube.

The bicycle is equipment to ride on, not to carry.


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