Monday, October 08, 2012

Trekking-Day 9-Korenge(13.1km)

Finally, a sunny day comes!

Day 9 Korenge 7:36-13:56
Distance today 13.1km, climb 1,068m, duration 5:50, avg speed 2.3km/h, burned 1,251kcal
Today's route

The third day of national holidays. Finally a sunny day comes!
Now I go and see colored leaves.

It was said that the colored leaves are beautiful at Tsugaike Nature Park. Now I go and see there today. Further more, I want to see Hakuba-Oike (lake) from the ridge. Perhaps today's goal is Mt. Korenge, where I have been two month ago.
The other option was to go further to Mt. Hakuba, as I went a few weeks ago, but it seemed too much for me as I go alone this time.

Gondola lift. I expected a long cue at the window, but it wasn't.

Probably the most of huts are already closed.

The sea of clouds.

Changing to the ropeway, I arrived at Tsugaike Nature Park.

The leaves are already colored.

The road is frosted.

The trays for boots washers were also iced.

I worried about the rocks on the way to Mt. Hakuba-Norikura, a steep climb. If it would be frosted, it would be very slippery and dangerous .

Started at 7:36.

Arrived at Tenguppara, at 8:20.
The trails so far were very slippery on frost. It took longer than the last time as I was carefully to walk.

The trails were iced.

I was worrying about the frosted rocks, but started climbing to Mt. Hakuba-Norikura.
Beautiful view of the sea of clouds.

Arrived at Mt. Hakuba-Norikura at 9:12. It took 1 hour and half.

It seemed late because of careful walking.

Hakuba-Oike (lake).

9:36 Arrived at the edge of the lake.

Nice blue water.
The hut at the lake was closed yesterday.

Now I headed to the peak.

Looked back to the late.

I wanted to see this view again.

Here is above the forest limit. The colored leaves are few.

From the ridge I could see the colored leaves.

Arrived at the peak of Funakoshi, at 10:11.

I took a short break.

The trails at the Nature Park were seen below.

If I would ski, I could go down straight to the Park, but I have to walk all the way to the lake.

I was thinking to return here, but I decided to go further.

Mt. Shakushi and Mt. Hakuba.

Mt. Tsurugi was also seen behind Mt. Hakuba.

Mt. Korenge at 10:49.

3 hours 13 mins so far.
The same time as the last time. I thought I was late, but I speed up.

I wish I would go further, but I bought a round ticket and there is no transportation at the base of Mt. Hakuba.

Now I go back here.

Mt. Hakuba-Norikura was a volcano. The shape and the lake tells you it.

It was a clear view and I could see Kurobe city far away.

I have to go back all the way on this trail.

I still saw ice needles. It was almost at noon.

Arrived at Hakuba-Oike again, at 11:55.

I took a short break.

I brewed a cup of coffee.

12:44 at Mt. Hakuba-Norikura.

I attempted to walk quickly, but I couldn't.

This nice view,

And this,

And this stopped me to take pictures.

Arrived at Tenguppara at 13:19.

Looked back Mt. Hakuba-Norikura.
This will be the last time to see in this season. The more frost will be too difficult for me to climb.

Tenguppara swamp.

The next time I will come here will be the ski season, probably 2-3 months later.

Abies have blue cones. They have many this year.

Lots of trees have colored leaves around the Nature Park.

It was a really good day today.

It was worth to walk all the way, and also to wait for two days.

In the late afternoon, I looked up the mountains I walked today.

I walked almost the right half of the ridge of this picture. Nice trekking.


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