Sunday, October 07, 2012

MTB-Day 2-Minekata(12.1/102.4km)

I was attempting a short ride, but it was really tough.

Day 2, 10days for MTB cycling, total distance 102.4km, total climb 3,408m
Minekata 12:19-14:36
Distance today 12.1km, climb 528m, duration 1:34, avg speed 7.7km/h, burned 489kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro MTB

The weather did not look good in the morning.
I woke up late, and realized the weather would become worse.

I had a short ride on MTB  before it got raining.

The mountains were covered by thick clouds.

I headed to Minekata, along R406.

The place I was heading was an Italian restaurant at Minekata ski resort.

The load was rough. It should be tough for a road bike.

Hand-made pasta was very nice.

Too fashionable for MTB riding, though.

Keep going after lunch.

Beautiful bush of silver grasses.

The view was not good from the top.

This time I rode another trail that I had never been.

A trail to Hakuba highland ski resort.

The ride was very nice, but..

The trail was very steep and almost climbing.

Finally I got to the top of Highland ski resort.

Who would complete this trail on the bike!?

I don't know how to descend. Full of sliver grass bush.

sooner, I dived into the bush.

The bush was good stopper, though.

I could not imagine how I got here.

Nice trail from here. It was fun.

It was a short ride for only 1 hour and half, but it was the most adventurous activity for last months.


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