Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cycling-Day 22-Togakushi&Zenkoji Temple(108.3km)

A ride to Togakushi and Zengoji temple with colored leaves.

Day 22, 115days for cycling, total distance 8,098.7km, total climb 113,521m
Togakushi&Zenkoji Temple 8:29-9:45
Distance today 108.3km, climb 2,425m, duration 6:24, avg speed 16.9km/h, burned 2,337kcal
Today's route

It snowed in Northern Japan Alps mountains. I tried to take nice picture with contrast of snow, color leaves and green fields, but it was too cloudy.

Leaving at 8:30.
The leaves were already colored.

It was also a nice view along R406.

9:15 Shirosawa pass. 45mins so far
I could not see Hakuba summits.

Although I could not run fast in descending as there was a construction, I ran 30-40km/h in Kinasa village.

9:52 Kinasa shrine.

The second ascending.
400m ascent to Shirosawa pass, 400 descent to Kinasa village, then 400m ascent again!!

10:34 Daibo pass
There is an observatory to look around Northern Japan alps and Kinasa village, but I have never seen it before,

but silver grass and nice colored leaves.

10:55 Togakushi.
2 hours 25mins so far.

It took 2 hours 47mins last time. This time I could make it earlier.

11:07 Togakushi shrine.
This is the end of today's ride.

Visited the shrine.

It was scary to walk down with SPD shoes.

A famous buckwheat restaurant, "Uzuraya".
I have never tried as it always has a long cue.

Today I came by my bicycle and don't have to wait for the parking lot.
I wished I could make it, but...
Already a long cue. 3hours to eat. Hmmm.

Another buckwheat restaurant.

A heater was on and I could dry my sweat body.

After lunch I went down to Nagano city.
Nice colored leaves.

Very steep slope.
I almost fell down from the front.
I could not imagine who could climb here.

Nice view of Nagano city.

13:00 Zenkoji temple.
This time I did not visit the temple, but just took pictures.

A man came to me and told not to park here.
No I didn't.

13:50 Komatsubara tunnel.
4 months ago I was running here from Tokyo to Hakuba.

An old house for the governer of Nagano prefecture. 14:50.

I got hunger knock just before Hakuba village.
I ate some snacks. It was really just before Hakuba village.

15:47 A "pass".

"Pan-no-yama", or a mountain of bread.
I bought bread breakfast.

Diner at Kichonchon, a Japanese pub (Izakaya).


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