Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cycling-Day 22-Togakushi&Zenkoji Temple(108.3km)

A ride to Togakushi and Zengoji temple with colored leaves.

Day 22, 115days for cycling, total distance 8,098.7km, total climb 113,521m
Togakushi&Zenkoji Temple 8:29-9:45
Distance today 108.3km, climb 2,425m, duration 6:24, avg speed 16.9km/h, burned 2,337kcal
Today's route

It snowed in Northern Japan Alps mountains. I tried to take nice picture with contrast of snow, color leaves and green fields, but it was too cloudy.

Leaving at 8:30.
The leaves were already colored.

It was also a nice view along R406.

9:15 Shirosawa pass. 45mins so far
I could not see Hakuba summits.

Although I could not run fast in descending as there was a construction, I ran 30-40km/h in Kinasa village.

9:52 Kinasa shrine.

The second ascending.
400m ascent to Shirosawa pass, 400 descent to Kinasa village, then 400m ascent again!!

10:34 Daibo pass
There is an observatory to look around Northern Japan alps and Kinasa village, but I have never seen it before,

but silver grass and nice colored leaves.

10:55 Togakushi.
2 hours 25mins so far.

It took 2 hours 47mins last time. This time I could make it earlier.

11:07 Togakushi shrine.
This is the end of today's ride.

Visited the shrine.

It was scary to walk down with SPD shoes.

A famous buckwheat restaurant, "Uzuraya".
I have never tried as it always has a long cue.

Today I came by my bicycle and don't have to wait for the parking lot.
I wished I could make it, but...
Already a long cue. 3hours to eat. Hmmm.

Another buckwheat restaurant.

A heater was on and I could dry my sweat body.

After lunch I went down to Nagano city.
Nice colored leaves.

Very steep slope.
I almost fell down from the front.
I could not imagine who could climb here.

Nice view of Nagano city.

13:00 Zenkoji temple.
This time I did not visit the temple, but just took pictures.

A man came to me and told not to park here.
No I didn't.

13:50 Komatsubara tunnel.
4 months ago I was running here from Tokyo to Hakuba.

An old house for the governer of Nagano prefecture. 14:50.

I got hunger knock just before Hakuba village.
I ate some snacks. It was really just before Hakuba village.

15:47 A "pass".

"Pan-no-yama", or a mountain of bread.
I bought bread breakfast.

Diner at Kichonchon, a Japanese pub (Izakaya).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trekking-Day 13-Mt. Amakazari(8.0km)

To see colored leaves, we climbed up on Mt. Amakazari.
Day 13 Mt. Amakazari 9:20-15:25
Distance today 8.0km, climb 948m, duration 5:12, avg speed 1.5km/h, burned 1,438kca
Today's route

It was foggy in the morning.

When we left it became clear.

Started at 9:25, as a late start.

#1 parking was already full and we had to park at #2.

Beautiful colored leaves.

I saw many leaves this season-at Karasawa last weekat Kurobishi yesterday.

Arrived at Buna-daira at 10:23

as same as the standard course time.

Beautiful yellow leaves of beech (Buna).
Arrived at Arasugesawa, at 11:00

Steep climbing after Arasugesawa.

Beautiful view on the ridge.

Climbing on a ladder.

Arrived at Sasadaira, at 12:05. We are almost at the peak.

Arrived at the peak at 12:20.

A little earlier than the starndard course time.
It would be earlier, if the trail was not crowded.

Itoigawa city and Japan sea.

Mt. Yakedake and Mt. Hiuchi.

We skiied on Mt. Hiuchi last May.

We enjoyed the colored leaves on the way back.

Buna-daira (beech forest).

Came back to the parking at 15:26

2 hours half on the way back.

Late lunch at Hotaru, a buckwheat noodle restaurant.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cycling-Day 21-Kurobishi(24.0km)

A short ride to find a small sign of autumn.

Day 21, 114days for cycling, total distance 7,990.4km, total climb 111,096m
Kurobishi 12:24-14:20
Distance today 24.0km, climb 1,123m, duration 2:27, avg speed 9.7km/h, burned 1,724kcal
Today's route

Last week I saw colored leaves at Karasawa, and the cold weather has descended last week.
The mountains in Hakuba also have colored leaves.

Some of trees are colored at the village.

Beautiful light, cool air.

Descending on the way back should be very cold. I pedaled slowly not to sweat.

Maintenance persons were mowing at Kokusai course at Happo-One ski resort.

As spoken the leaves were beautiful.

Kaerazu peaks were seen far beyond the trees.

Mt. Hakuba-Yarigatake and leaves.

Kurobishi #3 chair lift and leaves.

I took many pictures on the way,

and it took 2 hours to the goal. Usually it only takes 1 hour and 15mins. 45mins longer than usual.

Mt. Hakuba-Yarigatake.

This will be the last ride here. 2 or 3 month later, I hope this area is covered with much snow.

Descending was very cold. I wore a ski jacket.

Coffee break at Coffee Senju.