Monday, September 17, 2012

Cycling-Day 17-Enoshima(106.5km)

Summer in Enoshima!!

Day 17, 110days for cycling, total distance 7,837.2km, total climb 106,283m
Enoshima 6:47-19:15 Distance today 106.5km, climb 1,118m, duration 7:32, avg speed 14.1km/h, burned 2,663kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

Today the weather seemed not good according to the forecast, but it was the blue sky in the morning.

Started at 6:47.
Today I went together with Mr.&Mrs. M. They haven't went long, then I took them to Enoshima.

Marukobashi Bridge.

Tamagawa Cycling road to Route 1.

8:17 Approaching to Yokohama.

The ride was smooth, but we got a flat tire on the way.
I was struggling to fix the tube. A bicycle shop nearby has just opened and we bought a spare tube.

We started again, but we got a squall ahead.

We went back a few kilometers and got into a roadside restaurant.
We had fancy lunch there. I wound not do this when I am alone. I feel rich.

The rain stopped and we started again.

But sooner we got wet again.

Fortunately the rain was in a limited area, and we went through the area soon.

13:30 arrived at Enoshima.

Shirasu-don (young sardine bowl) for our late lunch.

Unfortunately it was half-boiled and half-raw. The fresh sardine was not available enough today.

On the way back we got a flat tire again.

19:15 came back.

I ran 180km yesterday, and I was afraid I could complete today. It's good to complete.
Thanks for Mr. and Mrs. M.


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