Sunday, September 09, 2012

Cycling-Day 15-Odawara Castle(165.6km)

I planned to go to Atami, 100km away, but I couldn't due to sickness.

Day 15, 108days for cycling, total distance 7,548.0km, total climb 103,527m
Odawara Castle 5:26-15:38
Distance today 165.6km, climb 1,166m, duration 8:25, avg speed 19.6km/h, burned 3,375kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Today's route
I got up early for going far today.
Started at 5:26

5:49 My gateway to the west, Maruko-bashi bridge.

I got the wrong route and got my pace down.

Nearby Enoshima.

Towering thunderclouds. A sign of the end of summer.

8:21 arrived at Enoshima.
Today it took 3 hours.

I had a headache on the way and had to slow down.

The weather is good.

I could see Mt. Fuji.

8:58 Crossing Sagami River.

I could see Mt. Fuji again.

The headache got better, and worse on the way.
I tried to run another 10km while the headache was better, but finally I could not run near Odawara.

I decided to return at Odawara Castle (A samurai war castle).

10:13 Odawara castle.

I think I have been here, but I don't remember well.

Main tower.

Now I go home.

On the way back R134 was jammed.

The parking lot of Tsujido Beach had a long long cue. The left lane was completely occupied.

A bicycle is supposed to be on the left side, but I had to run in the middle.

12:17 Enoshima.

I was still suffering from the headache. Taking my helmet off and massaging helped, but later it came back again. I felt better late afternoon. Probably it was a hyperthermia.

There was a festival in my neighborhood.

I saw some festivals today.

Arriving home at 16:03

165km in total, although the log was off in the middle.

I wanted to run over 200km today, probably the last chance in this season as the daylight gets shorter.


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