Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cycling-Day 19-Shirasawa Pass(17.9km)

I rode a bike before the typhoon comes.

Day 19, 112days for cycling, total distance 7,900.7km, total climb 108,732m
Shirasawa Pass 11:36-12:52 Distance today 17.9km, climb 561m, duration 1:15, avg speed 14.2km/h, burned 437kcal
Today's route

I expected the heavy rain in the morning and I woke up late, but it was not.
It rained at night and the trails should be muddy. Treking or riding on MTB would not be good anyway.

I believe riding on a road bike is the best choice.
I got started before the typhoon comes. Today's goal is Shirasawa pass.

Nice weather. I cannot believe the typhoon is coming. It was even hot today.

Arriving at the pass in 45 mins. It had taken over 50mins in the past. The new bike took me faster.

The peaks of Hakuba mountains were in the clouds.

Shirasawa pass is 1000m high above the sea.
A tree is colored already.

It was very cold to descend.

The road is partially rebuilt.

Oide suspension bridge.

I saw black clouds when I came back. The typhoon is really approaching.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trekking-Day 8-YariOnsen spa(12.8km)

Trekking to a hotspring above clouds, Yari-Onsen.

Day 8 YariOnsen spa 7:06-12:29
Distance today 12.8km, climb 1,059m, duration 5:23, avg speed 2.4km/h, burned 1,195kcal
Today's route

Hakuba three summits were seen very well in the morning.

The ridge to Mt. Karamatsu, where I climbed a lot this year, was also seen well.

A typhoon is approaching. Today is the chance for climbing.

Today, my goal is Yari-Onsen, where I have been many times in spring. I came here this April, too. But I have not been here in summer time, when the hut is open.
The hut is closed in the end of September. I wanted to be here before they close.

7:06 Starting at Sarukura.

The parking lot was crowded.

Sooner, I came to a cross point to Yari-Onsen.

30 mins later, I came to Sarukura highland.

The view is different from the one I saw when skiing.

Mt. Hakuba. The leaves were already colored. The autumn is approaching.

8:25 Col of Obinata.

I expected the duration in 1 hour. It was slower than I expect.

I met a ski mate of mine here. We walked together from here.

Yari-Onsen hut is seen from the col.

On the way to Yari-Onsen. The trail is not so difficult, but some places are slippery.

9:28 arrived at Yari-Onsen. Duration in 2 hours 20 mins.

This is the first time to come here in summer.

The hut is already being taken apart.

They spend a week to take apart.

They build the hut in early summer, and take apart in autumn every year.
The reason they have to take apart the hut is the avalanche. This place is in the avalanche path in winter, and it would be destroyed if the hut would stand.
This is one of astonishing Japanese technology.

The hot spring above the clouds.

I was afraid of the temperature. In spring time there is a lot of snow and we can cool it down. In autumn there is no snow to cool down.
The water was not so hot as I was afraid, though.

10:20 leaving the hut.

Next time I want to attack the peak of Mt. Hakuba-Yari.

Very rough appearance of Mt. Shakushi.

Nice contrast with the blue sky.

A month ago, I was looking down from the peak of Mt. Shakushi.

11:27 Col of Obinata. The duration was same as outbound.

Colored leaves and Mt. Hakuba-Yari, Mt. Shakushi.

Looking down to Sarukura highland. Nice view.

12:37 arrived at Sarukura.

The duration was exactly same between inbound and outbound. I am not good at walking down.

For the late lunch we went to Hotaru, a buckwheat noodle restaurant.

Shaved ice for dessert.

They finish this menu in September.

I went to Yari-Onsen hut in closing time, and ate shaved ice. I feel the change of the seasons today.

In the evening my wife served me Taiwanese tea at the river side.
Nice to drink Taiwanese tea to look at the mountains I climbed today.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cycling-Day 18-Tsugaike Natural Park(45.6km)

A ride to Tsugaike Natural Park.

Day 18, 111days for cycling, total distance 7,882.8km, total climb 108,171m
Tsugaike Natural Park 10:31-13:40
Distance today 45.6km, climb 1,888m, duration 2:56, avg speed 15.5km/h, burned 1,118kcal

Today's route

I came to Hakuba, since a few weeks ago.
Today I attepmted to go hiking, but the weather seemed worse in the afternoon.
Now I chose riding.

Got up late in the morning, and started at 10:31.
Today I go together with my friend Yoshi2.

Near Hakuba-Oike station. At 10:51.

11:06 Tsugaike highland.

11:22 Gondola middle station. 31mins so far.

The pace seemed slow, as we chatted while riding, but it was faster than the last time.

Silver grasses in the ski area.

The autumn is approaching. Then the winter should be approaching!! :)

12:16 Tsuganomori station of the ropeway. 1 hour and 25mins so far.
The pace still seemd slow, but it was actually 10mins faster than the last time.

12:24 the entrance of the backcountry skiing.

No snow yet.

Arrived at the park at 12:38, duration 1 hour and 47mins. 8mins faster than the last time.

The pace seemed slow to me, that's a good news.
Riding together may keep the same pace and not to be loose.

Now we descend.
My friend ran much faster, and sooner he went out of my sight.

I tried to chase him but I could not hold the break lever.
Short break to lease my hands.

Nice ride today.

We went to Hotaru, a buckwheat noodle restaurant.

I saw buckwheat flowers today. We shold expect the fresh buckwheat.

Kichonchon, Izakaya, or a Japanese style pub at night.

We had a big party with my powder mates.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cycling-Day 17-Enoshima(106.5km)

Summer in Enoshima!!

Day 17, 110days for cycling, total distance 7,837.2km, total climb 106,283m
Enoshima 6:47-19:15 Distance today 106.5km, climb 1,118m, duration 7:32, avg speed 14.1km/h, burned 2,663kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

Today the weather seemed not good according to the forecast, but it was the blue sky in the morning.

Started at 6:47.
Today I went together with Mr.&Mrs. M. They haven't went long, then I took them to Enoshima.

Marukobashi Bridge.

Tamagawa Cycling road to Route 1.

8:17 Approaching to Yokohama.

The ride was smooth, but we got a flat tire on the way.
I was struggling to fix the tube. A bicycle shop nearby has just opened and we bought a spare tube.

We started again, but we got a squall ahead.

We went back a few kilometers and got into a roadside restaurant.
We had fancy lunch there. I wound not do this when I am alone. I feel rich.

The rain stopped and we started again.

But sooner we got wet again.

Fortunately the rain was in a limited area, and we went through the area soon.

13:30 arrived at Enoshima.

Shirasu-don (young sardine bowl) for our late lunch.

Unfortunately it was half-boiled and half-raw. The fresh sardine was not available enough today.

On the way back we got a flat tire again.

19:15 came back.

I ran 180km yesterday, and I was afraid I could complete today. It's good to complete.
Thanks for Mr. and Mrs. M.