Saturday, August 04, 2012

Trekking-Day 2-Mt. Karamatsu

Mt. Karamatsu again, after hiking last week.

Day 2, 8days for trekking Mt. Karamatsu 7:55-12:40

We attempted to climb up Mt. Korenge, but my climbing mate had a trouble on his knees.
Going to bed again was another option, but I could see the perfect seen.

It's like the summits saying "You will really regret if you won't come".

Now I drove up to Kurobishi.
I started at 7:55, at the same time last week.

8:22 at Happoike pound.

I would be able to climb up quickly, but it's a perfect weather.
I should take pictures here now.

Hakuba summits have their image on the surfice.

9:14 at Maruyama ridge.

Beautiful clouds sea.

9:42 at Karamatsu hut.

9:55 at the peak of Mt. Karamatsu.
Duration 2 hours same as last week.
I spent almost 20mins at Happoike so te net duration would be 1 hour and 40mins.

Perfect view of Mt. Tsurugi.

I could see the snow valleys I skied in May.

The triangle of Mt. Yarigatake.

And Mt. Hiuchi in opposite side.

I was there for 30mins.

On the way back it took longer, due to the many climbers.

I found cloudy sky when I came back to Happoike.
I was right to take pictures on the way.

Still long cue for descending.

I got lunch at Huttenzauber.

Korean barbeque for diner.

I had a good excuse to take it tonight.


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