Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cycling-Day 14-Tokyo<=>Hakone(209.2km)

Hakone, an old pass between Edo and Kyoto, as known as a hard spot.

Day 14, 107days for cycling, total distance 7,382.4km, total climb 102,361m
Tokyo<=>Hakone 5:19-18:51
Distance today 209.2km, climb 3,343m, duration 11:18, avg speed 18.5km/h, burned 5,206kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Today's route (outbound)
Today's route(inbound)

Hakone pass, well known as a hard hill climbing course for bikers.
I ran Hakone pass from the other side, Mishima city to Tokyo, but I had not tried the other side, from Odawara to Hakone.

I started at 5:19.

5:49 turned to Route 15 at Shinagawa.

I wanted to reach there more efficiently but I took the wrong way and lost 30 mins.
Route 15 is the route for Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden relay run (a relay run competition by collage students held January 2nd and 3rd every year).

6:55 Yokohama station

Usually it takes 1 hour from home. This route is longer.

7:37 Totsuka station

Probably I got a wrong route of Ekiden relay.

8:15 Turned to Route 134.

This route is annoying with so many ups and downs.

I would use the usual route which is more efficient, if I would not follow the Ekiden relay route.

Finally I could see the sea.

8:50 Crossing Sagami river

Beautiful blue sky, but it is hot.

9:05 At Oiso station I turned to Route 1

The Route 134 becomes a highway from here.

Finally I could see the sign board of "Hakone".

9:41 Crossing Sakawa river

Hakone is beyond the mountains ahead.

Nearby Kazamatsuri station.

The road ascends from here.
It had heavy traffic.

10:13 Hakone-Yumoto station.

The slope becomes steep from here.

The road was still jammed.

I saw someone's blog that he drank 1.5litter for hill climbing. I took twice break for drinking and drank almost as much as he took.
11:53 Here is the highest point.

It took 1 hour and half from Hakone-Yumoto.

I descend to Lake Ashinoko.

It means I have to climb up again on the way back.

12:00 Arrived at Moto-Hakone.

6 hours 40mins, or the actual duration of 5 hours 20mins, 105km.

A tour boat of Lake Ashinoko.

The shape is Pirates'.

Now I go home.
After I came home I realized the goal of Ekiden relay is a bit far from here.
I technically haven't arrived yet.

Now I ascend again.

It is 100m ascending.

Beautiful view of Lake Ashinoko.

12:42 The highest point again.

Now I descend all the way.

I wanted to have lunch at Fujiya Hotel, a very old traditional hotel, but I ware very dirty.

Keep descending.

13:07 Hakone-Yumoto.

I bought a bean paste rice cake.

13:33 Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Boiled fish paste for my short lunch.

14:48 Oiso station again. Turning to Route 134.

There should be againt winds in the afternoon, but I like running in the beach side.

The inbound lane was also jammed.

I went to a beach to take a picture.

And I could see the mountains near Hakone.

I took a beach side road.

It has nice view,

There are many people, and the road is sandy, which makes me run slowly.
I go back to Route 134 again.

15:43 Katase-Enoshima station

I chose a usual route from here.

16:35 Totsuka station

17:15 Yokohama station.

I have two options here, Route 1 or Route 15.
Route 15 is flat and easy but the cross point is complicated to enter.
Route 1 has some ups and downs. I could ran on the flat road, but I am exhausted and ascending will make me very slow.

I chose Route 1 eventually.

I had a short break at McDonalds.

18:21 Crossing Tama river.

It makes me feel safe.

18:51 the mission ends.

13 hours half, the actual duration was 11 hours 18mins, 209km.
It was a hard ride, but easier than the ride to Nagatoro last week.


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