Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cycling-Day 13-Meguro(9.6km)

A very short ride after the rain.

Day 13, 106days for cycling, total distance 7,173.2km, total climb 99,018m
Meguro 14:10-15:13
Distance today 9.6km, climb 71m, duration 0:53, avg speed 10.8km/h, burned 278kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

I knew it was raining very heavily in the  morning. As the forecast said I woke up with the rain sound and I was very afraid the rain was too heavy to flood.

In the afternoon the rain stopped and the sun came.

I needed a seal (stamp) registration for an official application form.
I rode to a city hall to have the registration at the weekend window.

I arrived at the cityhall, walked around almost entire floor and found,
The weekend window is closed today.

After the cityhall I went to a patisserie to buy some cake.

The cake was good.

It was very much shorter ride than last week.


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