Monday, August 27, 2012

Trekking-Day 6-Mt. Onagi(3.5km)

We did a light climb today.

Day 6 Mt. Onagi 12:42-14:06
Distance today 3.5km, climb 298m, duration 1:23, avg speed 2.5km/h, burned 354kcal
Today's route

It's a sunny day today , too.

We had hard works for two days. Today we took rest and woke up late.

We attempted to go riding on MTB near Amakazari.

We arrived there, opened the cargo space and found.

The tire was flat.

It is bothersome to fix here. We probably had to give up riding.

But it's not a good idea to go straight back home.
We realized here is the trail to Mt. Onagi.

Now we started climbing. The climb height is 250m, the standard course time is one hour. We probably need 30mins.

The trail was well-shaded, but the mountain is much lower than the ones we did yesterday.
It's hot.

We arrived at the peak in 30mins.

There is a nice observatory.
We could see Mt. Hakuba-Norikura, where we climbed yesterday.

It became cloudy on the way back, which made us feel cool.

We took lunch at Hotaru, a Japanese buckwheet noodle restaurant

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trekking-Day 5-Traverse Hakuba(19.0km)

We traversed Hakuba mountains.

Day 5 Traverse Hakuba 8:29-17:32
Distance today 19.0km, climb 1,641m, duration 9:3, avg speed 2.1km/h, burned 1,727kcal

Today's route(without Mt. Shakushi

Today, we follow the way to Mt. Korenge 3 weeks ago,  and go further to Mt. Hakuba, then we descend on Hakuba Daisekkei, or the snow valley.

It is a beautiful day, too.

We go to the very right end mountain, then traverse to Mt. Hakuba, a summit on the right.

Gondola lift operation hours start late after the Summer vacation.

We wanted to leave early.

8:30 Started at Tsugaike Nature Park.

9:10 Tenguppara.

Then we climbed on Mt. Hakuba-Norikura hard, and

Arrived at the peak of Mt. Hakuba-Norikura at 9:51.

A little earlier than the last time.

Hakuba-Oike pound has rich blue water.

We heard loud voices from the pound and...

They are swimming.
Swimming is prohibited due to the National Park Act. And it must be very cold!!

We passed the hut and kept hiking.

Beautiful view of Oike pound.

11:45 Arrived at Mt. Korenge

3 hours 15mins so far. Almost same duration as the last time.

We keep hiking to Mt. Hakuba.

Nice view.

12:12 at Mikuni-sakai

It would be new to me further. I used to climb from Renge-Onsen hot spring, walked through to Hakuba-sawa valley.
Also I tried to reach to the peak of Mt. Hakuba.

12:45 Arrived at the peak of Mt. Hakuba.

I was happy to finally be here! I always look at the peak from the village.

Hakuba Sanso hut.

Our plan was originally to go down here, but it was still 1pm and we probably could do something.

Then we went to Mt. Shakushi.

Hakuba-sanso hut was seen in the clouds. Looks like the Potala Palace.

Mt. Shakushi was seen ahead.

The mail trail passes on the west but

We climbed to the peak.
We realized that Mt. Shakushi is rubbles mountain.

It was hard to walk.

14:16 arrived at the peak of Mt. Shakushi.

We could not see the view around.

The ridge facing to Hakuba village is very steep.

Now I could reach to the three summits of Hakuba mountains, Mt. Hakuba-Yarigatake in April,  Mt. Hakuba today and this, Mt. Shakushi.

Now descending.

The trail is hard to walk with rubbles.

We came back to the saddle between Mt. Hakuba and Mt. Shakushi.

We could see the down trail here, but there is no approach.
Now we have to climb up to the top in 150m height.

15:12 at Chojo-Shukusha hut.

Now we descend.

The down trail was very slippery and rocky.

Finally we could look down the snow valley.

16:15 at the snow valley. We put crampons here.

I struggled to walk on the snow valley at the beginning but am adjusted now.

Hakuba-jiri hut.
We took off the crampons just before this hut.

17:00 We left the hut.

Arrived at Sarukura, the goal at 17:30.

This course we walked usually requires 13 hours.
We did it one day. Now I am very exhausted.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trekking-Day 4-Goryu Hut(12.7km)

I climbed to Mt. Goryu and reached to Goryu hut.

Day 4, 4days for Trekking, total distance 25.4km, total climb 2,458m
Goryu Hut 9:01-16:09
Distance today 12.7km, climb 1,229m, duration 7:7, avg speed 1.8km/h, burned 1,633kcal

Today's route

Beautiful morning in Hakuba.

Today we go to Mt. Goryu.
I have been to Ko-tohmi ridge, but not further more.

Gondola lift of Goryu.

It is quite reasonable in 2000yen for round trip of the gondola lift and chair lift.

9:00 started climbing.

This steps continue to Ko-tohmi ridge.

It was not a cool trail as the elevation is just around 2,000m.

We could see Mt. Myoko.

The view was nice.

10:10 Just before Oh-Tohmi.
Mt. Goryu is seen here.

Looks like a wall to me.

10:42 Nishi-Tohmi.

Nice reflection of Mt. Goryu.

Chains on the trail.

We had almost reached to the hut, and encountered an accident.

We supported the victim to climb back to the hut.

13:42  arrived at the hut.

Today's goal.

Look back at the hut and Mt. Goryu.

Next time we would like to try to reach the peak.

15:02 near Oh-Tohmi.

Nice view of Ohmachi city.

And Happo-One and Hakuba village.

We enjoyed the nice view.

16:09 coming back to the chair lift. We were afraid that we could come back within the operation time.

Chinese food for diner.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cycling-Day 14-Tokyo<=>Hakone(209.2km)

Hakone, an old pass between Edo and Kyoto, as known as a hard spot.

Day 14, 107days for cycling, total distance 7,382.4km, total climb 102,361m
Tokyo<=>Hakone 5:19-18:51
Distance today 209.2km, climb 3,343m, duration 11:18, avg speed 18.5km/h, burned 5,206kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Today's route (outbound)
Today's route(inbound)

Hakone pass, well known as a hard hill climbing course for bikers.
I ran Hakone pass from the other side, Mishima city to Tokyo, but I had not tried the other side, from Odawara to Hakone.

I started at 5:19.

5:49 turned to Route 15 at Shinagawa.

I wanted to reach there more efficiently but I took the wrong way and lost 30 mins.
Route 15 is the route for Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden relay run (a relay run competition by collage students held January 2nd and 3rd every year).

6:55 Yokohama station

Usually it takes 1 hour from home. This route is longer.

7:37 Totsuka station

Probably I got a wrong route of Ekiden relay.

8:15 Turned to Route 134.

This route is annoying with so many ups and downs.

I would use the usual route which is more efficient, if I would not follow the Ekiden relay route.

Finally I could see the sea.

8:50 Crossing Sagami river

Beautiful blue sky, but it is hot.

9:05 At Oiso station I turned to Route 1

The Route 134 becomes a highway from here.

Finally I could see the sign board of "Hakone".

9:41 Crossing Sakawa river

Hakone is beyond the mountains ahead.

Nearby Kazamatsuri station.

The road ascends from here.
It had heavy traffic.

10:13 Hakone-Yumoto station.

The slope becomes steep from here.

The road was still jammed.

I saw someone's blog that he drank 1.5litter for hill climbing. I took twice break for drinking and drank almost as much as he took.
11:53 Here is the highest point.

It took 1 hour and half from Hakone-Yumoto.

I descend to Lake Ashinoko.

It means I have to climb up again on the way back.

12:00 Arrived at Moto-Hakone.

6 hours 40mins, or the actual duration of 5 hours 20mins, 105km.

A tour boat of Lake Ashinoko.

The shape is Pirates'.

Now I go home.
After I came home I realized the goal of Ekiden relay is a bit far from here.
I technically haven't arrived yet.

Now I ascend again.

It is 100m ascending.

Beautiful view of Lake Ashinoko.

12:42 The highest point again.

Now I descend all the way.

I wanted to have lunch at Fujiya Hotel, a very old traditional hotel, but I ware very dirty.

Keep descending.

13:07 Hakone-Yumoto.

I bought a bean paste rice cake.

13:33 Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Boiled fish paste for my short lunch.

14:48 Oiso station again. Turning to Route 134.

There should be againt winds in the afternoon, but I like running in the beach side.

The inbound lane was also jammed.

I went to a beach to take a picture.

And I could see the mountains near Hakone.

I took a beach side road.

It has nice view,

There are many people, and the road is sandy, which makes me run slowly.
I go back to Route 134 again.

15:43 Katase-Enoshima station

I chose a usual route from here.

16:35 Totsuka station

17:15 Yokohama station.

I have two options here, Route 1 or Route 15.
Route 15 is flat and easy but the cross point is complicated to enter.
Route 1 has some ups and downs. I could ran on the flat road, but I am exhausted and ascending will make me very slow.

I chose Route 1 eventually.

I had a short break at McDonalds.

18:21 Crossing Tama river.

It makes me feel safe.

18:51 the mission ends.

13 hours half, the actual duration was 11 hours 18mins, 209km.
It was a hard ride, but easier than the ride to Nagatoro last week.