Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trekking-Day 1-Mt. Karamatsu

My treking season has started.

Day 1, 7days for trekking
Mt. Karamatsu 7:42-12:05
Distance 10.67km, Duration 4:09:34, Avg. Pace 23:23min/km, Avg. Speed 2.57km/h, Burned 1,030calories, Climb 930m
Today's route

Yesterday I attempted to climb Mt. Karamatsu but I could not get up early.
This morning it was still hard to get up, but finally I got.

Mt. Karamatsu is 2696m height above the sea level with a good approach of chair lifts to 1680m. Easy hiking.

I drove to Kurobishi, where I climbed by my bike yesterday.
The chairlift service starts at 7:00. I was late and got the chairlift at 7:30.

I started hiking at 7:50, at Happoike huite.

8:16 Happoike.

8:47 Ougi snow valley.

Cool air breeze was nice. There was more snow this year.

Arrived at Karamatsu huite at 9:32.

The summit is close.

Arrived at the summit at 9:50.

It took 2 hours for hiking.

The sky was blue, but I could hardly see the other summits.

Now I descend.

The descending was smooth to Happoike, but

The trail was very crowded from here.

A long cue for Alpen lift.

Kurobishi chair lift was not busy instead.

I have acrophobia and I hate taking lift down. Now I get better and could take a picture. After the hiking I went to Coffee Senjyu. This iced coffee is made everytime fresh when ordered. Curry for diner.


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