Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trekking-Day 1-Mt. Karamatsu

My treking season has started.

Day 1, 7days for trekking
Mt. Karamatsu 7:42-12:05
Distance 10.67km, Duration 4:09:34, Avg. Pace 23:23min/km, Avg. Speed 2.57km/h, Burned 1,030calories, Climb 930m
Today's route

Yesterday I attempted to climb Mt. Karamatsu but I could not get up early.
This morning it was still hard to get up, but finally I got.

Mt. Karamatsu is 2696m height above the sea level with a good approach of chair lifts to 1680m. Easy hiking.

I drove to Kurobishi, where I climbed by my bike yesterday.
The chairlift service starts at 7:00. I was late and got the chairlift at 7:30.

I started hiking at 7:50, at Happoike huite.

8:16 Happoike.

8:47 Ougi snow valley.

Cool air breeze was nice. There was more snow this year.

Arrived at Karamatsu huite at 9:32.

The summit is close.

Arrived at the summit at 9:50.

It took 2 hours for hiking.

The sky was blue, but I could hardly see the other summits.

Now I descend.

The descending was smooth to Happoike, but

The trail was very crowded from here.

A long cue for Alpen lift.

Kurobishi chair lift was not busy instead.

I have acrophobia and I hate taking lift down. Now I get better and could take a picture. After the hiking I went to Coffee Senjyu. This iced coffee is made everytime fresh when ordered. Curry for diner.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cycling-Day 11-Kurobishi(23.8/6,952.8km)

HappoOne ski area, 3 months later since I have skiied.
Day 11, 104days for cycling, total distance 6,952.8km, total climb 95,849m
Kurobishi 11:19-13:14 Distance today 23.8km, climb 1,065m, duration 1:40, avg speed 14.2km/h, burned 637kcal

Today's route

I wanted to go hiking, but it was late I came here. Also my wife was watching the opening celemony of London Olympic games. Then I could not get up early.

Today I climb up to HappoOne ski area, right in front of here.

The road was closed last summer and I could not go there. Two years later since I climbed by bike.

Gondora station. 15 mins so far.

Skyline #2 chairlift. 52 mins so far.

Cows are pastured in the skia area.

I knew there are cows, but there is no fence. It is scary.

I usually drop into the powder snow from this tree in winter.

I wish it snows.

Now I came up to Kurobishi, in 1 hour and 15mins.

It was 1 hour and 25mins last time.

It is very cool here.

Nice view of summer.

Now I came back to the cows.

I went through very carefully. I don't want to scare the cows, otherwise they would chase me.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cycling-Day 10-Tsugaike Natural Park(49.6/6,929.0km)

I climbed Tsugaike Hill again following last week.
Day 10, 103days for cycling, total distance 6,929.0km, total climb 94,784m
Tsugaike Natural Park 8:39-11:51
Distance today 49.6km, climb 1,696m, duration 3:8, avg speed 15.8km/h, burned 797kcal

Today's route

The duration was not good I expected. I came to climb again to improve the time.

Hakuba-Oike station. The start of the climbing. 9:46

Here I could see Tsugaike highlands.

9:24 Gondora station. 27mins so far.

I thought I ran faster than last time.

9:36 Gondora middle station. 39mins so far.

The time was longer than the last time.

10:33 Ropeway station. 1 hours 36mins so far.

10:40 the backcountry entry point. 1 hour 43mins so far.

A little faster than last time.

10:52 arrived at Tsugaike Natural Park. 1 hours 55 mins.

5 mins faster than last time, but 5mins of 2 hours are just difference.

Any effort does not work to my ride. Hmmm.

I went down before I get cold, but

It started raining. And it got heavier.

I had to go down very carefully in the rain and on the wet road.

At the village there was no rain.

I met roadbike riders. I gave them the information about the rain.

My extra effort will not improve my time. I rather ride at will.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cycling-Day 9-Tsugaike Natural Park(46.6/6,879.4km)

I tried Tsugaike Hill Climb with my new bike.

Day 9, 102days for cycling, total distance 6,879.4km, total climb 93,088m
Tsugaike Natural Park 9:24-12:53 Distance today 46.6km, climb 1,976m, duration 3:12, avg speed 14.5km/h, burned 1,243kcal

Today's route

I was interested how easy the new bike was for climbing.

Hakuba-Oike station. The start of the climbing. 9:46

Last time it took 2 hours. I wish I could do better.

This is the official start point for the competition.

I could not start well and I felt down here.

Here I could see Tsugaike highlands.

I thought I ran faster than last time.

10:22 Gondora middle station. 36mins so far.

The time was same as last time.

11:32 the backcountry entry point. 1 hour 46mins so far.

The time was worse than last time!

11:51 arrived at Tsugaike Natural Park. 2 hours 5 mins.

The time was same. I was very dissapointed that I could not run faster with the new bike.

A long rest gets me cold. I go down as early as possible.
Beautiful scene of Hakuba village.

I could not change gears for ascending and I felt down twice.

I felt I was more exhausted than the last time. It was a dissapointing ride today.

Late lunch at Hotaru, for buckwheat noodle.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cycling-Day 8-Omachi(51.9/6,832.7km)

The first ride for my new bike.

Day 8, 101days for cycling, total distance 6,832.7km, total climb 91,112m
Omachi 15:04-17:21
Distance today 51.9km, climb 713m, duration 2:2, avg speed 25.5km/h, burned 1,130kcal
Today's route

Today I wanted to ride from early morning, but it was raining. The forecast said the rain did not stop until the afternoon.

In the afternoon it stopped raining. It was to late for riding far, but I wanted to borrow DVD for night.

Now I go on the new bike for Omachi to borrow.

I went with my friend YoshiYoshi together. I usually ride alone, so it is very new to me.

The new bike runs very fast and light to peddal.

It is much different from my old bike.

I did the same ride before, but the average speed is much faster.

Last time it took 1 hour and half, but I arrived in 1 hour this time.

I borrowed DVD and now go back.

The returning home was also easy.

The whole ride was two hours. Very fast!
It was also because YoshiYoshi trained me but because of the new bike.

It was a short ride but nice ride to feel the new bike, and to know the new technology.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cycling-Day 7-Hydrangea in Kamakura(112.4/6,780.8km)

I visited hydrangea places in Kamakura.

Day 7, 100days for cycling, total distance 6,780.8km, total climb 90,399m
Hydrangea in Kamakura 10:23-19:10
Distance today 112.4km, climb 1,480m, duration 6:42, avg speed 16.8km/h, burned 2,912kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today's route

Yesterday I was in Hakuba. The forecast said it would be still raining in Hakuba on Sunday, but Tokyo might be better. I decided to come back to Tokyo.

The long drive from Tokyo to Hakuba was a hardwork for my bike, too.
I found the rear tire was flat in Hakuba. Also the front derailleur was broken. I took the bike to a bike shop for repair. Now I use MTB again.

It was still raining in the morning. I set my alarm every one hour and woke up to hear the rain drops.
At 10am, it stopped raining. Here I go now.

I started at 10:23. The road was still wet.

I worried about thick clouds ahead.

Marukobashi bridge

Last week I visited my father's family grave in Karuizawa. Today I visit my mother's family grave in Kamakura. Then I go to hydrangea places.

On Tamagawa river kayakers were paddling.

I was running in slow speed.

11:38 Yokohama.

Thick clouds started raining.

I hate raining while I ride a bike.

But I had to keep running.

I found an event at Red Brick Warehouses in Yokohama.

I took a beacon stick for my breakfast.

It became the blue sky when I came to Asahina pass.

It was getting hot. The slope is steep but short enough.

13:14 I arrived at the grave.

I visited the grave and now I go down to Kamakura.

An old mansion of Marquess Kacho.

I knew this mansion. This was used at a drama last year.

Hydragea and the mansion.

The next place was Hokokuji temple, close to the mansion.
This temple is famous for its bamboo trees,

but also hydrangea.

Sunlight filtering looked nice.

Then I went through the Kamakura downtown and reached Zaimokuza beach.

The beautiful blue sky and the ocean.

The next destination was Hase temple, but I enjoyed running on the beachside road.

I completely missed Hase temple and came to near Enoshima.

Now I had to return.

Nice scene in Inamuragasaki.

Nice run too, but the against wind was heavy though.

Now I arrived at Hase temple.

Hase temple is one of the sightseeing spots and there were many people.

The time was already 15:30. The famous hydrangea temple, Meigetsuin will close at 16:30.

I must hurry, but one more to Meigetsuin.

Jojuin temple. This temple is famous for giving power, and good relationship (with a boyfriend or a girlfriend). That is because I found many young couples.

This temple should have hydrangea, but it ended already.

The scene of the beach was nice, though.

Now I must go for Meigetsuin.

I made a shortcut and found a nice pass.

It is called Kamegatanisaka, and also had hydrangea.
The slope is really steep for bicycle or walk.

16:10 I arrived at Meigetsuin.

The entrance was half closed but I could get in.

The window person said the flowers would be cut tomorrow, so today was the last chance.

16:30  Now I go home.

I took the shortest route.

17:20 Higashi-Totsuka. I took loop road #2.

18:12 Tsurumigawa cycling road.

18:50 came back to Marukobashi.

I became in hunger-knock. The maximum speed was 15km/h. I did not eat anything but the beacon stick at the Red Brick Warehouse. I took sports drinks but I should eat something.

I enjoyed a halfday run although it was raining in the morning.
That is the one of the best things to ride a bicycle to visit around many places.