Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cycling-Day 1-Enoshima(100.0/6,155.2km)

Day 1, 94days for cycling, total distance 6,155.2km, total climb 78,691mEnoshima 8:38-16:07
Distance today 100.0km, climb 1,085m, duration 5:57, avg speed 16.8km/h, burned 2,562kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

I go skiing one more time, but start cycling again.

It has been 6 months since I rode last time in November.
The destination this time is Enoshima, in Kanagawa, as a moderate ride.

I got up at 7am and wanted start, but my new iPhone cable did not fit in a mount case.
I had to cut the case to fit.
Then the start time was after 8:30.
Accessory designers, please do not change the design so much.

It is sunny , nice weather. Not too hot.

Maruko-bashi bridge.

Arrived at Enoshima, for 2 hours 33 mins, 48km from my home.

My late breakfast and early lunch.

Sardine on rice bowl.

Today the fishing seemed not good and they could not catch fishes enough.
Half was fresh, and the other was boiled.

Now I go home.

Rail crossing at Totsuka station.

Usually I could pass in a few minutes, but I had to wait more than 20 minutes.
The train came one and after.

I could not wait and had to walk on a bridge a bit far from the crossing.

After coming back to the road and looked at back.
The crossing was still closed.

I found a news there was a suiside stopping the trains.

After the accident I could run smoothly.

Nice ride for the beginning of the season.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ski day 59 at Mt.Fuji

59th day for this ski season, 30 days for powder, 23 days for backcountry, telemark for 16 days
Mt. Fuji 6:20-15:50 Gear: Teneighty GUN+GARMONT RADIUM

For closing my ski season, we climbed up Mt. Fuji.
I have one or two more days for skiing. For closing my ski season, we climibed up Mt. Fuji as usual with BanYa tour.

For adjusting myself to altitude sickness, I went to the start point (at 2400m level above the sea) Friday night. Beautiful night view of Suruga bay.

I could see the shape of the bay.

I also could see many stars. At the parking lot there were many people who took pictures of night views of the bay, and the stars. They were wearing red headlights. It is impressive to find such a tool. I hesitated to walk with my white headlight.

It was cold, 4-5 celsious. It was cold to sleep, as I left down my jacket and warmer sleeping bag.

The morning. Mt. Fuji shadowed the ground with its shape.

Now we started heading to the peak, 3776m above the sea level. We climb 1376m height.
At 6:20am we started.

Climbing from the clouds sea.

As we climbed, the air became thinner.

At 12 o'clock we arrived at the ridge. People were digging the hut out.
That was for the TV shooting on Monday for the annular solar eclipse.

We keep going to the highest peak.

At 12:45 we arrived.

Many people were there.
This is the third time to come here, after the last one two years ago.

The crater.

Seems more snow than usual. Southern Japan alpine mountains were seen.

Onigiri, or a rice ball for my lunch.

Here we ski down.

For the first run.

Nice snow.

We climbed back.

Then we skied down all the way.

I love this terrain.

The condition was the perfect film crust.

We could almost skied down to the end.

I love skiing at Mt. Fuji.

I miss the skiing season.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ski day 58 at Hiuchi-Day2

58th day for this ski season, 30 days for powder, 22 days for backcountry, telemark for 16 days
Hiuchi 7:50-13:45
Continued from Ski day 57 at Hiuchi-Day1

White snow and blue sky. The day 2 for the powder days.

Beautiful morning.

It was cold in the morning, but it would much warmer.

We could see Hakuba mountains.

We were climbing up to Mt. Hiuchi, but

The south terrain looked very good.
We skied here before it became warmer and the snow got worse.

Nice powder snow!

Ice coated trees in the middle of May!

We started climbing up to Mt. Hiuchi again.

We could see Mt. Fuji far far away. It is surprising to see Mt. Fuji. It is 180km away from here.

The peak of Mt. Hiuchi.

We enjoyed the 360 degrees view.

We skied from Kage-Hiuchi, the next peak to Mt. Hiuchi.
We looked back at Mt. Hiuchi.

The terrain was hard first, but it was fantastic just below the hard top.

We were afraid of the wet snow which stops us, but the condition was not bad in lower area.

We crossed a deep volcanic flow.

Mt. Hiuchi and the valley we skied down.

Nice area.

Very pastoral scene. We cannot believe we were skiing on the powder snow an hour ago.
Beautiful green young leaves.

There was the snow just before the goal.

We enjoyed two powder days!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ski day 57 at Hiuchi-Day1

57th day for this ski season, 29 days for powder, 21 days for backcountry, telemark for 16 days
Hiuchi 9:30-17:00

The god of powder snow came to us to say good-bye for this season.

We went to Mt. Hiuchi, with BanYa tour.

I left Hakuba at 5.30am. It was cloudy, and started raining.

At the meeting point, it was raining heavily. According to the forecast it would stop raining in the afternoon. Now we move to the start point.

On the way to the start point, it was still raining. It would not be a good idea to climb while raining.

But it turned snowing at the higher place.

Sasagamine. I came here by bicycle last August.

We start here. It was still snowing.

We were joking that it would be the powder snow.

But it became true.

The trees were covered with the snow. It looked like in February or early March.

Koyaike Hut, where we stay.

We planned to leave stuff and to go skiing, but it was too windy and no visibility.
Then we stayed at the hut for a while.

An hour later, it became sunny.

The wind was still blowing strong, but we go skiing now.
It looked like the winter.

The terrain was a little hard, but there was the powder snow!
Nice view.

We climbed back to the hut, but there should be better place.
Now we go for extra.

Here we go now.

Wow, it looks nice.

It was the real powder snow.

We cannot believe it is middle of May.

A can of beer to the memory of a man who may give us the powder snow from the heaven.

Continued to Ski day 58 at Hiuchi-Day2