Monday, November 28, 2011

Ski day 2 at Tateyama

2nd day for this ski season, 2 days for powder, 2 days for backcountry, telemark for 0days

Tateyama 8:30-14:15

Continued fromSki day 1 at Tateyama.

"It's too cold to stay in a tent"
"You can't be standing on"
That's I was told before coming here.
I was very much afraid, but finally I could manage staying.

Today, I go with BanYa tour again.

It's a little cloudy.

The forecast says it should be windy. We go near for skiing easily.

Climing up to Oyama, the highest summit of Tateyama mountains.

Seeing Mt. Fuji at there. I did not believe it is Mt. Fuji, seeing it very close.

At the summit of Oyama. Very windy.

I wanted to check in at Facebook, but it is too windy to check with my iphone.

Skiing down, and climbing up again for seeking powder snow.

It is a little early, but now the time to end.

It looks flat light, and it's good to end.

Nice skiing for two days.


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