Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cycling/Rope work -Day 37-Ohmachi(50.3/5,751.1km)

Day 37, 91days for cycling, total distance 5,751.1km, total climb 75,372m
Ohmachi 6:36-19:24
Distance today 50.3km, climb 695m, duration 2:59, avg speed 16.8km/h, burned 1,119kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today's route.

Today I participate a rope work lesson of Banya tour.
It is held at Ohmachi, 25km away from Hakuba.
I go there by bicycle.

I had to get up 1 hour earlier than going by car.

Almost a morgenrot.

The road is as usual, but I cannot go slowly as I go there in time.

The road is slippery by the rain last night.

Today we have an advanced class.

Reviewing nots in the morning sesson.

We go to Tsubakuro, a buckwheet noodle restaurant for lunch.

Waraji soba, or a sandal-shape fried Tofu and buckwheet noodle.

A large Abura-age, or a fried Tofu. Also fresh buckwheet is good.

For the afternoon session, we descend and ascend by rope.

This is a simulation work to climb on a knife ridge with guide support.

It's hard.

The next work is abseiling.

The next step is the cliff.

I also did it.

The cliff I came down. This is the first time for me for abseiling.
It's good for me to be prepared before I go to the real situation really needed.

The guide comes down very fast and easily.

We did another abseiling on a different cliff.

This cliff is overhung. It is also a good training.

The work ended at 4.30. Now we just wait for the season coming.

Now I go home by bicycle.

It gets dark.

Very dark on the road.

I go to Tako Taco, a Mexican restaurant for diner.

50km for cycling is short, but good enough work with acending and decending.


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