Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cycling-Day 39-Misaki port(146.1/6,055.2km)

Day 39, 93days for cycling, total distance 6,055.2km, total climb 77,606m
Misaki port 6:19-16:40
Distance today 146.1km, climb 1,634m, duration 8:41, avg speed 16.8km/h, burned 3,451kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today's route.

The cycling season is ending.
I go to Misaki Port today, where I have been in July.
That was a nice ride.

Starting at 6:19.

Day light already.
I learned from the last ride that the restaurant would not be open in early morning.

6:40 Maruko bashi bridge.

Beautiful dawn.

7:36 Yokohama Minato Mirai. Smooth run to Yokosuka, arriving at 9:12.

9:58 Miura beach.

Beautiful sea. I wanna sit down here for a while with cool winds.

Arriving at Misaki Port at 10:36. 71km from home for 4 hours ride, earlier than the last time.

I will have Tuna fish (Misaki Port is a popular tuna fisherman's wharf.
I run for 70km only for the tuna.

I go to a different restaurant this time, "Kuroba tei".
I am the first guest today on their list.

Rice bown with tuna and young sardine.

It is worth to run for 70km.

Now I go home after the meal. 70km again.

Running on the west side of peninsula. Very nice road to run.

Hayama Marina at 12:45.

Boat owners are washing their boat.
Now I see the boat must be washed. How bothersome! I will not own my boat :-)

People are paddling sea kayaks in the bay. They must be beginners.

Wow, the boat flips and the paddler swims.

I watch usually when I was paddling.

13:14 Kamakura.

Very crowded.

13:52 Totsuka.

14:52 Shin Yokohama.

15:01 Tsurumigawa cycling road.

Nice breathe.

15:49 back to Maruko bashi bridge.

My home is close here but I go to buy cakes.

Mt St Clair, at Jiyugaoka.

I am very good at bringing cakes by bicycle but this time I found a cake is upside down in a box.
It is not possible to flip in a box because there is little head space. Why?!


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