Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cycling-Day 36-Arakawa(94.4/5,700.7km)

Day 36, 90days for cycling, total distance 5,700.7km, total climb 74,677m
Arakawa 10:09-16:07
Distance today 94.4km, climb 936m, duration 5:13, avg speed 18.0km/h, burned 2,206kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today's route.

Today I wanted to go to Misaki port to eat tuna fish, but I missed setting the alarm and woke up late.

Now I gave up going to Misaki. Where do I go?

10:09 start.

11:02 Kachidoki Bridge. Going further to the bay.

11:33 Shinkiba. Now turning to Arakawa Cycling Road.

Running on the left bank first.

It is not sunny today. Eventually going to Misaki was not a good choise, as it should be sunny running along the beach.

Turning to the right bank at the first bridge, Kiyosuna Bridge.

Now going further.

Tokyo Skytree.

12:17 Joban line bridge.

This place was used for a famous TV school drama. Most of Japanese know it.

12:46 Iwabuchi water gate.

This gate is closed when the Arakawa river water level rises.

14:02 Shiki street.

This looks like the end of Arakawa Cycling Road.

Now I stop going further and go home.

I go back to Kawagoe street, and run along KanNana street to home.
6 hours for 90km. I wanted to run over 100km if I would get up early.


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