Monday, November 28, 2011

Ski day 2 at Tateyama

2nd day for this ski season, 2 days for powder, 2 days for backcountry, telemark for 0days

Tateyama 8:30-14:15

Continued fromSki day 1 at Tateyama.

"It's too cold to stay in a tent"
"You can't be standing on"
That's I was told before coming here.
I was very much afraid, but finally I could manage staying.

Today, I go with BanYa tour again.

It's a little cloudy.

The forecast says it should be windy. We go near for skiing easily.

Climing up to Oyama, the highest summit of Tateyama mountains.

Seeing Mt. Fuji at there. I did not believe it is Mt. Fuji, seeing it very close.

At the summit of Oyama. Very windy.

I wanted to check in at Facebook, but it is too windy to check with my iphone.

Skiing down, and climbing up again for seeking powder snow.

It is a little early, but now the time to end.

It looks flat light, and it's good to end.

Nice skiing for two days.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ski day 1 at Tateyama

1st day for this ski season, 1 days for powder, 1 days for backcountry, telemark for 0days

Tateyama 12:50-17:00

I almost gave up skiing this weekend.

Tateyama skiing as usual.

While I was at the rope work two weeks ago, there was no snow.

Last week it was just covered white.

Early this week it got cold and snowed well.
BanYa Tour tells me the tour will go.
I did not believe it.

The morning at Hakuba. Some frost on the window. This is the first time to see it in this season.

Ougizawa. Wow, it's snow!!

My winter tires are almost finished. The tires are not working on this slope!!

Then, now I am in Tateyama.

Looks goooood!!

I can't believe it snows this much in only a few days.

Start climing.

I am happy to climb as long as there is snow.

Toyama bay looks beautiful.

I don't complain when I see this beautiful seen and the snow.

And the skiing is also good!

Powder snow!!!

It is good enough.

All commercial cabins are already closed.

Staying at expensive Tateyama Hotel, or camping.
I choose camping.

A tent we stay.

Beautiful night view of Toyama bay and the city.

Having one for the load at the terminal building and diner in the tent.

I bought Beaujolais, but...

It's made in Y2010!! I did not know it when I bought.
It's Beaujolais, but nouveau!!

Nice diner and drinking.
Now we go asleep when it gets cold. Other tents are still enjoying drinking.

I wake up and go out. Seeing the full of stars.

Continuing to Day 2.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cycling-Day 39-Misaki port(146.1/6,055.2km)

Day 39, 93days for cycling, total distance 6,055.2km, total climb 77,606m
Misaki port 6:19-16:40
Distance today 146.1km, climb 1,634m, duration 8:41, avg speed 16.8km/h, burned 3,451kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today's route.

The cycling season is ending.
I go to Misaki Port today, where I have been in July.
That was a nice ride.

Starting at 6:19.

Day light already.
I learned from the last ride that the restaurant would not be open in early morning.

6:40 Maruko bashi bridge.

Beautiful dawn.

7:36 Yokohama Minato Mirai. Smooth run to Yokosuka, arriving at 9:12.

9:58 Miura beach.

Beautiful sea. I wanna sit down here for a while with cool winds.

Arriving at Misaki Port at 10:36. 71km from home for 4 hours ride, earlier than the last time.

I will have Tuna fish (Misaki Port is a popular tuna fisherman's wharf.
I run for 70km only for the tuna.

I go to a different restaurant this time, "Kuroba tei".
I am the first guest today on their list.

Rice bown with tuna and young sardine.

It is worth to run for 70km.

Now I go home after the meal. 70km again.

Running on the west side of peninsula. Very nice road to run.

Hayama Marina at 12:45.

Boat owners are washing their boat.
Now I see the boat must be washed. How bothersome! I will not own my boat :-)

People are paddling sea kayaks in the bay. They must be beginners.

Wow, the boat flips and the paddler swims.

I watch usually when I was paddling.

13:14 Kamakura.

Very crowded.

13:52 Totsuka.

14:52 Shin Yokohama.

15:01 Tsurumigawa cycling road.

Nice breathe.

15:49 back to Maruko bashi bridge.

My home is close here but I go to buy cakes.

Mt St Clair, at Jiyugaoka.

I am very good at bringing cakes by bicycle but this time I found a cake is upside down in a box.
It is not possible to flip in a box because there is little head space. Why?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cycling-Day 38-Okutama Lake(158.0/5,909.1km)

Day 38, 92days for cycling, total distance 5,909.1km, total climb 75,972m
Okutama Lake 5:45-17:16
Distance today 158.0km, climb 600m, duration 9:53, avg speed 16.0km/h, burned 2,369kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

I was afraid it was raining weekends, but the forecast told me the rain would stop in the midnight.

Ok, now I get up early and go far.

Today I attempt to go to Okutama Lake. I've been to Mitake in June, but Okutama Lake is 20km away and higher.

5:45 Start. It is still dark.

6:23 Entering to Tamagawa Cycling road. It's good for the sunrize. The road has no lights and dangerous to run in the dark.

The road is wet just after the raining.

8:19 The end of the Cycling road in Hamura city.

I hegitate the wet road and step aside sometimes.
But I got fallen twice on the slippery road. I scratched my both elbows.

9:15 Kanzanji parking. 2 hours and half.

I visit Gravity, a canoe school where I often learnd when I was paddling.

Then start again. 20km to go.

Beautiful color leaves.

The slope is not steep but it is hard enough.
Scarely in tunnels.
I recommend to use a pedestrian road in Hikawa tunnel. The length is more than 600m and cars run fast.

10:30 Arriving at Okutama lake. 1 hour after Mitake.

80km from my home, 4 hours and 15 mins.

I have never watched Okutama lake like this.

Ogouchi dam. How scarely.

This is the flood channel when the dam is full of water.

I want to see the water flows here.

After a break, starting at 11:00.
Another 80km to go home. It's much easier to descend.

Beautiful color leaves again.

11:56 The parking lot of the 3rd power station.

I have been here many times when I was paddling. The car with boats reminds me the days.

I used to put my boat here to bring the car to the goal. I never thought I would come here by my bicycle from home.

It is also beautiful here.

A gingko tree in front of Gyokudo museum. I hear the yellow leaves are colored best here.

I used to look up the tree from the river. I have never seen it like this.

Mitake Kohashi bridge and a white water spot, Kohashi wave.

The paddler tries to do cart wheel (a trick to rotate a boat vertically).

I used to do it before.

Going down further. The start of the cycling road at 13:21.

The cable jointing my iphone and my sub battery has a trouble.
I leave the cycling road to find the cable.
I did not have to buy it but I wanted to record a log with my iphone.

I go around again and again, then iphone's battery ran out.

Finally I find a Softbank shop, but

I had to be in the same cue for the new contracts even though I just wanted to buy an accessary.
I waited for 15 mins but no advance. Now I go.

It is not sunset yet, but I see thick clouds.

A dark cloud is ahead.

Arriving at home at 17:16. I could be home by 4pm if I would not try to find the cable.

Also the log on Runkeeper is destroyed after I attempted to edit the log manually.
Too bad....