Friday, October 28, 2011

Cycling-Day 34-Azumino(108.0/5,539.6km)

Day 34, 88days for cycling, total distance 5,539.6km, total climb 71,419m
Azumino 10:05-16:53
Distance today 108.0km, climb 1,033m, duration 5:20, avg speed 20.2km/h, burned 2,799kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Today I squeezed my day off and come to Hakuba.

Perfect blue sky.

I wanted to get up early but could not. I was not feeling good in the early morning.
Now I start at 10:05.

A twitter told me a beautiful view of Hakuba summits from Aoki lake.
Well, I go there.

10:47 Aoki lake.

Perfect blue sky. Some take pictures.

I want to eat curry for lunch. I know good curry restaurants in Matsumoto, Toyoshina and Oomachi.
Matsumoto is too far as I left late. Oomachi is too close.
Now I go to Toyoshina.

12:00 Mt. Ariake.

12:16 Daioh Wasabi Farm.

It always rained when I came here, but today it is very fine.

Now keep going.

13:06 Arriving at Kurakyu.

Kurakyu is a Karinto (a Japanese style fried suger cookie) factory. It was originally a Japanese old style farmers house.

Now it is the lunch time.

This curry has black sugar.

Today I expected color leaves, but

The one at the entrance seems the best.

Now I go home.

I found a cycling road.

It looks nice, but...

It ends in a short run.

Probably due to the budget issue, the road ends here. It seems planned as the bank is already built.

A panorama photo.

Nice view of North Japan alps.

Some beautiful places of color leaves.

I also take a nostalgic photo.

A bakery at Hakuba, Pan-no-yama.

I ended my run at Ricca, a cake bakery.

A nice riding in good weather.


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