Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cycling-Day 32-Showa Kinen Park(104.9/5,334.6km)

Day 32, 86days for cycling, total distance 5,334.6km, total climb 69,425m
Showa Kinen Park 8:45-16:07
Distance today 104.9km, climb 885m, duration 6:16, avg speed 16.7km/h, burned 3,025kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro
Route today.

I go cycling today.

I woke up with the sound of the rain. I was afraid of raining but it stopped in the morning.

It was becoming the blue sky.

I was informed that the entry fee of Showa Kinen Park is free.
I have been there once 7 years ago.
It is the best time to see cosmos flowers.

Te road is still wet.

Not running on Tamagawa Cycling road for a while.

10:42 Arrived at the park. 2 hours riding.

Cycling roads are well organized in the park. We may bring our own bicycles through designated gates.

Good road to run.

I wish MTB trails would be organized as well like I ran in state parks in the US

I go around the trail for a while.
Then, the cosmos flowers.

Very crowded with the free entry fee.


I took many pictures.

It is a little shorter to go home directly. I run along a river Zanbori next to the park.

I come to Tama river again.

Beautiful blue sky.

Tamagawa river side has a craft event Momijiichi 2011(Japanese only).

Today it is good for athletic events and traditional festivals.

The round trip to Showa Kinen Park is 70km, but I ran over 100km at the end.


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