Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cycling-Day 30-Tsugaike Natural Park(44.2/5,212.8km)

Day 30, 84days for cycling, total distance 5,212.8km, total climb 68,045m
Tsugaike Natural Park 7:29-11:42
Distance today 44.2km, climb 1,537m, duration 3:41, avg speed 12.0km/h, burned 1,525kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

I am in Hakuba.
Today I go to Tsugaike Natural Park.

Attempting to have spa after running, I tried to get up at 5:15. The spa is closed at 10am for cleaning.
5:15 was too early for me!

I got up at 6:45 and now I go.

Starting at 7:30. Very foggy, and very cold.

8:08 Tsugaike. Now it becomes very sunny. A lot of cars are parked as today is a national holiday.

Hakuba summits.

The steepest slope today, the hotel road. The cool air helps me to climb.

8:26 Gondola middle station.

Today I go slowly to enjoy looking around.

All cabins of Gondola lifts are running today.

9:34 Tsugano mori

9:44 The entrance of the backcountry skiing area.

10:09 Arriving at Tsugaike Natural Park.

I take breakfast here. Then I descend to home.

Summits are seen very nice on the way back.

It is very cold in descending.
I wear a mountain jacket.

After running, we go to Azumino for lunch.

A Japanese natural food restaurant, "Nodoka".

Grated yam. Very nice!

After lunch we go to Matsumoto city to look around a galary.


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