Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cycling-Day 29-Sakudaira-Karuizawa-Tokyo(192.4/5,168.6km)

Day 29, 83days for cycling, total distance 5,168.6km, total climb 66,508m
Sakudaira-Karuizawa-Tokyo 5:04-19:14
Distance today 192.4km, climb 1,633m, duration 10:32, avg speed 18.3km/h, burned 4,985kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Today, I make a very stupid plan.

Karuizawa, where I went yesterday.
Today I carry my bike by the Nagano Shinkansen (bullet train) and run on the bike back.

Somebody likes Karuizawa and lives there.
Somebody go there every week.

But probably I am the only one to make a day trip for two days, and the last one is by bike.

This route is same as the route I ran in June. Today I go further.

5:07 start. It is still dark as a daytime becomes shorter.

6:01 Tokyo station

I break my bike here to carry it to the train.

I go for Karuizawa by the train.

Now a stupid trip has begun.

This time I go to Sakudaira, further than Karuizawa.
7:44 arriving at Sakudaira

8:00 start again. I know it is much longer and longer. 180km to go.

1 hour running takes me to Karuizawa.

The cafe I came yesterday

Morning set.

The cafe opens at 9am. I proberbly have to go around for 1 hour and half till the open time if I got off at Karuizawa. That's why I went to Sakudaira.
The restaurant master is very surprised that I come here twice in two days, but he is very much glad to see me again.

Now I leave to home. 9:30 start.

160km to go.

Just after leaving Karuizawa, I arrived in Usui pass (at 9:48).

Descending from the pass.

10:11 Megane bashi ('Eye glasses' bridge), it was used for a rail track.

10:35 Yokokawa

We were running on the road yesterday.

11:19 Tomioka. One third of the entire route.

12:25 Entering in Saitama Prefecture.

A half of the entire route. Long way to go.

13:27 Yorii

Last time I chose a longer route to Tama river. This time I keep going on the Route 254.

15:51 Kawagoe

Kawagoe is an old city where the old Japanese style buildings are preserved.

Kawagoe has 'Dagashi Yokochi', or a cheap snack street.

A shop of 'Tako-sen'.

Tako-sen is a crispy baked octopus sandwich with a hot octopus fritter.

'Imo manju' or sweet potato dumpling.

After the snacks I start again.

I keep running on the Route 254 all the way, and reached to Kan-nana (Circle street #7) at 18:10.

15km to go. I come closer.

19:15 coming back

14 hours and 10 minites for the entire trip.

The daytime becomes shorter. Probably this is the last long trip this year.


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