Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cycling-Day 35-Okususobana Nature Park(66.8/5,606.4km)

Day 35, 89days for cycling, total distance 5,606.4km, total climb 73,741m
Okususobana Nature Park 8:19-14:10
Distance today 66.8km, climb 2,322m, duration 4:50, avg speed 13.8km/h, burned 2,077kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Pretty good sunny day!

Today, I go to Okususobana Nature Park, deep country side of Kinasa Village, Nagano pref.
It has beautiful skunk cabbage flowers, and also color leaves.
I wanted to go there when I see the junction on the way to Togakushi.

Start at 8:19.

Cool weather.

9:32 Shirasawa Pass. It's slower than thelast time while I was taking photos.

Summits look beautiful. I spent over 10 mins here.

Now descending.

10:07 The junction to Togakushi and Okususobana.

18km from Hakuba. Shirasawa pass is in the middle but ascending 10km and descending 8km are much different.

Now ascending again.

Such strange rocks are interesting.

10:31 Okususobana dam.

The road was smooth to the dam. I thought it would be an easy way...

The road around the lake has many up and down.


After the lake various landforms are there. Very interesting.

This type of cliff is called "Cuesta".

Kigan Senjo gan (strange large rock)

Looks like a cement slope, but it is a natural rock.

A hanging bridge and color leaves.

Also nice color leaves.

Mt. Ototsuma and Takatsuma are beautiful. Those mountains are also seen from Hakuba ski areas.

The pace becomes slower and slower while I am taking photos.

11:23 Okususobana Nature park.

35km from Hakuba, 2 hours and half ride.
The park entree fee is 200yen.

The nature park itself is much further after a long walk.
Now I may go back.

Nice descending to the dam, but...

Tiring of many up and down.

8km to go from Kinasa.

I visit Kannon Soba house on the way for lunch.

This house is a typical farmers house in Japan.

Eating by an 'irori' or a Japanese fire place.

Nice atomosphere.

6km ascending from the house.

13:46 Shirasawa pass again.

Mountains look different now.

10km descending to Hakuba. No more pedaling. Now I almost come home.

Less than 30 mins for descending.

It's a nice ride with interesting views.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cycling-Day 34-Azumino(108.0/5,539.6km)

Day 34, 88days for cycling, total distance 5,539.6km, total climb 71,419m
Azumino 10:05-16:53
Distance today 108.0km, climb 1,033m, duration 5:20, avg speed 20.2km/h, burned 2,799kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Today I squeezed my day off and come to Hakuba.

Perfect blue sky.

I wanted to get up early but could not. I was not feeling good in the early morning.
Now I start at 10:05.

A twitter told me a beautiful view of Hakuba summits from Aoki lake.
Well, I go there.

10:47 Aoki lake.

Perfect blue sky. Some take pictures.

I want to eat curry for lunch. I know good curry restaurants in Matsumoto, Toyoshina and Oomachi.
Matsumoto is too far as I left late. Oomachi is too close.
Now I go to Toyoshina.

12:00 Mt. Ariake.

12:16 Daioh Wasabi Farm.

It always rained when I came here, but today it is very fine.

Now keep going.

13:06 Arriving at Kurakyu.

Kurakyu is a Karinto (a Japanese style fried suger cookie) factory. It was originally a Japanese old style farmers house.

Now it is the lunch time.

This curry has black sugar.

Today I expected color leaves, but

The one at the entrance seems the best.

Now I go home.

I found a cycling road.

It looks nice, but...

It ends in a short run.

Probably due to the budget issue, the road ends here. It seems planned as the bank is already built.

A panorama photo.

Nice view of North Japan alps.

Some beautiful places of color leaves.

I also take a nostalgic photo.

A bakery at Hakuba, Pan-no-yama.

I ended my run at Ricca, a cake bakery.

A nice riding in good weather.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cycling-Day 33-Enoshima(97.0/5,431.6km)

Day 33, 87days for cycling, total distance 5,431.6km, total climb 70,386m
Enoshima 9:20-15:49
Distance today 97.0km, climb 961m, duration 5:43, avg speed 16.9km/h, burned 2,863kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Today I have an unexpected day-off.
It's good to run before raining in the weekend.

Enoshima is today's destination before my appointment in the evening.

9:20 Start. Today I run fast on short cuts for the appointment. The roads should be up and down.

9:38 Maruko bashi bridge.

I chose this route by Google map.
I knew this route and used much last year, but I hesitated for up and down this year.

11:10 Totsuka. 1 hour 50mins. Much faster, indeed.

11:58 Arriving at Enoshima. 2 hours 40mins. I wanted to arrive for 2 hours and half.

It is not crowded today as a weekday.

I wanted to have a lunch at one of popular restaurants.

A long cue even though it is a weekday.

Then I go to the next restaurant, Uohana.

Fresh young sardines on rice bowl.

Now I go back home.

I chose another short cut on the way back.

Very strong against winds slow me down.

13:13 Iida farm.

Ice cream is nice here.

13:55 Nakahara street. 25km to Maruko bashi.

This route also has much up and down.

14:45 Kohoku new town.

15:30 Maruko bashi bridge. 3 hours from Enoshima.

It is hard to come back within 3 hours.

Nice cool weather to run today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My sweets -Day 34(wagashi asobi)
34days for this season

Bean paste bar with dry fruits

wagashi asobi

A young unit of Japanese sweets technicians I introduced here.

Yokan, or a bean paste bar is one of Japanese traditional sweets.
Yokan is made of bean paste and sugar, and usually no contents.

The unit created a combination of Japanese traditional sweets and westernized sweets with dry fruits, which are usally used for cakes.

Plenty opportunity for Japanese sweets to change their future.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cycling-Day 32-Showa Kinen Park(104.9/5,334.6km)

Day 32, 86days for cycling, total distance 5,334.6km, total climb 69,425m
Showa Kinen Park 8:45-16:07
Distance today 104.9km, climb 885m, duration 6:16, avg speed 16.7km/h, burned 3,025kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro
Route today.

I go cycling today.

I woke up with the sound of the rain. I was afraid of raining but it stopped in the morning.

It was becoming the blue sky.

I was informed that the entry fee of Showa Kinen Park is free.
I have been there once 7 years ago.
It is the best time to see cosmos flowers.

Te road is still wet.

Not running on Tamagawa Cycling road for a while.

10:42 Arrived at the park. 2 hours riding.

Cycling roads are well organized in the park. We may bring our own bicycles through designated gates.

Good road to run.

I wish MTB trails would be organized as well like I ran in state parks in the US

I go around the trail for a while.
Then, the cosmos flowers.

Very crowded with the free entry fee.


I took many pictures.

It is a little shorter to go home directly. I run along a river Zanbori next to the park.

I come to Tama river again.

Beautiful blue sky.

Tamagawa river side has a craft event Momijiichi 2011(Japanese only).

Today it is good for athletic events and traditional festivals.

The round trip to Showa Kinen Park is 70km, but I ran over 100km at the end.