Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cycling-Day 28-Yabitsu Pass(163.6/4,976.2km)

Day 28, 82days for cycling, total distance 4,976.2km, total climb 64,875m
Yabitsu Pass 6:01-17:59
Distance today 163.6km, climb 2,073m, duration 9:59, avg speed 16.4km/h, burned 5,004kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

For adjusting the jet lag, I run far today.
Awake up at 5:30, starting at 6am.

The jet lag wakes me smoothly.

Today, I go to Yabitsu pass, a famous hill climbing spot in Kanto.
Yabitsu pass is located in Tanzawa moutains, west of Kanagawa Prefecture.

I use a riverside road to Kakio, that I found when I ran in Tama district.

I wanted to avoid climbing but I go into hills when I try to short cut.

Unexpected climbing...

7:30 Kakio.

Tanzawa mountains are seen ahead. Still far far away.

8:20 Kamimizo station. Many ups and downs till there.

8:45 Across the Sagami river.

I came here when I ran from Tama river to Sagami river.
After Sagami river, I approach to hills and see ups and downs.

9:24 Entrance to Miyagase dam.

Wow, how steep!!
After the slope I come to the dam.

9:31 Miyagase dam.

The lake side road has some dark tunnels, which are very scarely as cars run fast.

9:42 Lake Miyagase.

This lake is artificial by the dam for water supply in Kanagawa prefecture.

My iphone got trouble there. The application was not responding and I could not switch off. I pressed the power switch several times and finally could switch off and restart. I wasted over 30 minutes.

10:18 Entrance of Yabitsu pass. The hill climbing begins.

This road is rough and wet.

Slippery when descending.

11:45 Yabitsu pass.

At the beginning the road is flat and I run with the fastest gears, but at the end it is steep.
I was too optimistic to be able to climb less than an hour.

I found I left my wallet at home. I am thirsty but I cannot buy anything.
I wanted to have some delicious foods at the beach, but cannot.
I have to buy drinks and foods at a convenience store, which allows me to pay with electric cash with my mobile phone. No fan...

Just after descending, I see a nice view.

Looking at the whole Sagami bay.

Enoshima island.

I go there on the way home. Looks very very far from here.

Hadano city.

A cyclist took me a picture.

Just after it I found an observatory. Now I take pictures again.

I should go ahead without taking pictures...

After descending the pass, I find there are some slopes.
I did not wanted to climb again and choose the river side avoiding climbing.

At the end the road becomes very rough.

Good for an MTD?

13:46 Across the Sagami river again on Route 134.

14:30 Enoshima. I planned to have lunch there, but I am very late.

Enoshima is very crowded in national holidays.

I can see the Tanzawa mountains, where I was there a few hours ago.

It is emotive that I came that far.

14:45 Leaving Enoshima. I go back on the usual road.

15:36 Totsuka station.

Usually I become exhausted on the way back from Enoshima and speed down to 15km/h or slower. Today I energize myself and run fast.

16:24 Yokohama station, 30km from Enoshima. Today I could run in a good pace.

The cyclists ahead of me were awful.
They changed lanes without looking behind. They were almost hit by a car.

This picture is another example. They changed lanes suddenly again and the car had full breaking.

A few nasty cyclists may give an image that all cyclist are same.
In Japan, a car driver is more responsible even if the cyclist is wrong. The car driver must be scared with the cyclists.

How annoying!

I take a short break at a McDonald's (where I can use electric cash) and go further.

17:28 Across Tama river.

Getting dark now.

18:00 End of work.

12 hours in total, net running for 10 hours.

Today I am exhausted after running over 160km and hill climbing.


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