Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cycling-Day 27-Tsugaike Natural Park(45.3/4,812.6km)

Day 27, 81days for cycling, total distance 4,812.6km, total climb 62,802m
Tsugaike Natural Park 7:31-11:34
Distance today 45.3km, climb 1,695m, duration 3:35, avg speed 12.6km/h, burned 1,549kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Today, I go to Tsugaike for hill climbing.

Very cloudy on the top.

Starting at Hakuba Oike station. 7:52

Tsugaike ski area after climbing from the station.

8:17 Gondola station.

The steepest slope of the course, hotel area.

8:30 Gondola middle station.

I thought it is faster than the last time, but slower.

9:43 Entrance of the backcountry road.

10:05 Arriving at Tsugaike Natural Park. 2 hours+.

It is cloudy here and I could not see mountains.

A bottle of cyder and bread for my late breakfast.

It is too cold to drink cyder.

It is very cold to descend. I have to stop many times to warm up.

It is still summer on the base.

But the sky becomes blue and high, as a sign of autumn.

An old Japanese style house, Shoya Maruhachi. Many foreign skiers come here to ware Kimono.

3 hours and half for riding. Good ride.

We go to Hotaru, a buckwheet restaurant.

Buckweet noodle and Tempura.

Crushed ice (honey and lemon). Typical Japanese food in summer, but probably this will be the last time to have.


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